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Shakespeare is an almost endless source of befitting situation for any occasion. The opinion on King Lear on authority may not be very orthodox, a dog obeyed in office. The quote may be included in a variety of situation, even during a business presentation or after dinner speech as an ironic self-effacing statement by a recognized authority.

Italian Referendum

“Small choice in rotten apples” (Taming of the Screw 1.1) The Italians said “no” in the recent referendum. Its main objective was to reform the Italian Constitution, strengthen the authority of the government and reduce the power of the electorate … Continue reading

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Trump, Revolution in a Tea Cup

“Men judge by the complexion of the sky, the state and inclination of the day.” King Richard II The apparent enthusiasm for Trump’s success in the US presidential elections is an event historically recurrent and humanly understandable. The wonderful vignette … Continue reading

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Death of an Unsung Hero

“Now cracks a noble heart. Good night sweet prince: And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!” Hamlet, act 5, sc. 2 I discovered by chance that a true American hero died two years ago, in a tractor accident, … Continue reading


Erdowin, Erdowon, Erdogan

… hing, hang, hog… Hang hog is Latin for bacon, I warrant you. (Merry Wives of Windsor, act 4, sc.1) To the articulate speculations of many analysts on the failed coup in Turkey I will not add the vanity of … Continue reading

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The Clintons’ War on Women

“I do condemn mine ears that have so long attended thee” (Cymbeline, act 1, sc. 6) This is an unpleasant blog to write and I apologize in advance for the language, to my twenty-five readers. As a mitigating factor, the … Continue reading


Shakespeare on Brexit

The championship of exaggerations is over and the first dust of time is settling on the Brexit referendum. In the circumstances, it may be somewhat amusing to evaluate the reactions rather than the results. Considering that opinions are formed in … Continue reading


Orlando’s Horror

Twill vex thy soul to hear what I shall speak; for I must talk of murders… Titus Andronicus, act 5, sc. 1 I will not repeat comments and reflections on the Orlando massacre. Rather, I will follow an imaginary trail … Continue reading

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Spectacle, Ornaments and Marionettes

“Thus ornament is but the guiled shore To a most dangerous sea; the beauteous scarf Veiling an Indian beauty; in a word, The seeming truth which cunning times put on To entrap the wisest.” (Merchant of Venice, act 3, sc. … Continue reading

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Victory Day Memories

…memory, the warder of the brain, shall be a fume… Macbeth, act 1, sc. 7 Seventy-one years ago, May 9, 1945, was Victory Day. Nazi Germany officially signed the unconditional surrender to the Soviet Union. For Russia, WWII became the … Continue reading

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Methinks I am a prophet…

No prophet will I trust, if she prove false. (King Henry VI, part 1, act 1, sc. 2)   It’s not even a question of reading “the book of fate and seeing the revolutions of the times…” (1), or of … Continue reading

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