King Richard III, act 5, sc. 2

               “True hope is swift, and flies with swallow’s wings:
Kings it makes gods, and meaner creatures kings.”

In Current Language:
Hope, sustained by good reasons and good motives, is nimble, and soars with the graces of a flying swallow. It can transform kings into divine creatures and common citizens into kings.

Suggestions For Use:
Use as an encouraging remark inserted into a morale-boosting speech. Or as a good ending to a presentation that includes a call to action for a noble cause.

What Happens in the Actual Play:
Richmond (future king Henry VII and father of king Henry VIII) props up his troops’ morale at his camp in Tamworth, prior to the decisive and final battle against King Richard III at Bosworth Field.

Jimmie’s Comment.
Brief reflections at the end of a year, notably at midnight. When, besides beyond or apart from farewells to the old year and welcomes to the new, some may wish to forget the inevitability of time and let festivities occupy that moment.
Even so, on the actual and practical side of life, we cannot see time, feel it, or measure it in a laboratory. For a watch only measures itself, the objective reference of the watch being another watch.
Time represents our objective sense of transformation, what we are at a given moment, after what we were a milli-second before, and what we will become a milli-second after. From this point of view, time resembles a moving carpet that extends behind and in front of us.  And when we move, we do so thanks to it, however slowly.
Some actually think that time does not exist! Rather, it represents but an imaginary deadline artfully created by man to imprison himself into a web of actions that keep him captive in the same position and situation of slavery. I am not referring here to politics, communism or similar, just to the structure and strictures within which we think.
It is very difficult to free oneself from that mental cage, built by the desire to be “the best” as soon as possible, often giving up his or her true being. For that cage, created with imaginary bars of gold and diamonds, is so beautiful as to quash any desire to try to escape.
Actually, what we call time is only the succession of night and day, a natural cyclicity of life and death unaffected by rules invented by man, as also suggested by the masters of Quantum Physics, such as Schrodinger and others.
The energy of the universe is not created, is not destroyed, and is not subject to time.
The universe creates everything using its energy, and in its creation there is no time, there is only maturity and evolving. And we are part of that energy.

Changing subject entirely and connected with the present, here is the very recent pronouncement by Daniela Weiss,  a member of the chosen people, a ruler of part of the occupied West Bank. Words that best describe the actual stranglehold that the chosen among the chosen exert over the un-chosen in Palestine.

“Gaza must be erased so that the settlers can see the sea. The situation needs to end. What we did in Northern Gaza, we must do it to the South of Gaza, evacuating Gaza of Arabs, and building Jewish settlements in all of Gaza, because the settlers of the Gaza strip they want to see the sea. And in order to see the sea, all homes in Gaza must be destroyed. There will be no homes or Arabs left in Gaza. This is a logical and romantic demand. The settlers want to see the sea. How will they see the sea? We must do it south of Gaza. The settlers will see the sea. Gaza is a jewish city. Gaza is not a Hamas city. Gaza is one of the cities of Israel. We will simply go back there. A historical mistake has occurred. Now we correct it. Gaza must be erased so that the settlers can see the sea.”
End of Quote.

As we know, the United States is currently the ONLY country in the world wholly supporting the Gaza genocide – while, in the US, the chosen people are only 2% of the population. But according to a very recent speech by Giuseppe Robinet Biden, “… were it not for the United States there would be not a Jew left alive in the world.”

All this should give us pause while, after 75 years plus, we continue to ask the Palestinians (quoting Hamlet),

“… to bear the whips and scorns of time,
The oppressor’s wrong, the proud man’s contumely
the law’s delay, the insolence of office and the spurns
That patient merit of the unworthy takes…”

Still, it is better to know evil than ignoring it. Therefore, again,

“True hope is swift, and flies with swallow’s wings:
Kings it makes gods, and meaner creatures kings.”

Happy New Year!

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