Methinks I am a prophet…

image of uncle sam, illustration of shakespeare quote, No prophet will I trust, if she prove falseNo prophet will I trust, if she prove false.

(King Henry VI, part 1, act 1, sc. 2)


It’s not even a question of reading “the book of fate and seeing the revolutions of the times…” (1), or of having “a thousand eyes to be filled with prophetic tears”(2). The audacious eloquence of Bernie Sanders has predictably evaporated into air, into thin air, along with the charms of his (presumably) leftist message.

He has broken his staff, buried certain fathoms in the earth, and deeper than did ever plummet sound, he drowned his book (assuming that there ever was one) (3). And all those (apparently) promising programs have dissolved and left not a trace behind.(3)

Should it be surprising? Only if we don’t want to admit that “…our very eyes / Are sometimes like our judgments, blind!”(4)

It is true that “Men should be what they seem; or those that be not, would they might seem none!” (5). Regrettably, that happens only in poetry and sometimes in fiction.

In fact, for those interested in “looking quite through the deeds of men”(6), the beginning, the evolution and the ending of Sander’s campaign were and are “as clear as is the summer’s sun.” (7)

The whole thing is a reversal of Hamlet’s protestation to his mother, “Is, madam! nay it seems; I know not ‘is’. Bernie’s campaign was (and still is, until the apotheosis of the farce next July), aimed at preventing voters straying away from the Democratic party, by using “springes to catch woodcocks” (8), such as the ranting against billionaires, against inequality and other sundry social ills.

Even imagining a modicum of greater social equilibrium transgresses the bounds of probability. Language, introduced with forcefulness, and impressed at the conclusion with an air of solemn conviction, still remains a collection of words. “Tis a kind of good deed to say well and yet words are no deeds.” (9)

But, I can hear a reader’s objection, isn’t it possible that Sanders is sincere, that he fought a noble battle even if he succumbed in the end? The objection would be proper if the Zeitgeist were different, but it is not.

In a country where Edward Bernays was born, prospered and flourished as the founder and mastermind of mass control and indoctrination, to believe otherwise would be an offense to common sense and a complete disregard of the overwhelming power of induced ideology.

For ideology obliterates the border between good and evil, between truth and mendacity, between fact and fiction. Ideology is not like religion – it is religion. It is not accidental that the term ‘propaganda’, as in ‘propaganda of the faith’ was coined in the midst of the Counterreformation, by Pope Gregory XV (1554-1623). Who, in his Tract, “Of The Sheep Now Wretchedly Straying”, said,

“Especially it is to be desired that, inspired by divine grace, they should cease to wander amidst heresies through the unhappy pastures of infidelity, drinking deadly and poisonous water, but be placed in the pasture of the true faith, that they may be gathered together in saving doctrine, and be led to the springs of the waters of life.”

If Pope Gregory XV were campaigning today, he would say, “Especially it is to be desired that, inspired by the doctrine of exceptionalism, (the sheep) should cease to wander amidst heresies (e.g. social justice, compassion rather than contempt for the poor, doing away with exceptionalism, etc.), through the unhappy pastures of infidelity (read ‘socialism’), … but be placed in the pasture of the true faith (neo-liberal capitalism and pro-Zion wars), that they may be gathered together in saving doctrine, and be led to the springs of the waters of life (or waters of death, after the application of the noble art of fracking).”

Furthermore, Bernay’s message has been dramatically enhanced, by the use of new techniques and technology. To begin with, the mainstream media is essentially under one ideological master. Even opposition is fake, which includes Sander’s rant against the billionaires.

The current evolution, in mass conditioning, is the “theory of emotive intelligence” – also defined as “social intelligence”, with a willed lexical shift of meaning between sociability and socialization. To this effect, the social networks are designed to foster socialization among individuals rather than sociability (the latter meaning a sense of community and partnership in society).

From what we read in specialized magazine, the Pentagon and CIA invest millions in new mass-molding and mind-bending techniques – some of which have already been successfully employed in “color revolutions” abroad, as part of the equally new ‘Hybrid Wars.’

Therefore it is only natural that Sanders would “cram words into the ears of his audience against the stomach of their sense.” (10 ).

After the primary results in New York, Democratic Godfathers have demanded that Bernie Sanders mute his criticism of the frontrunner’s ties to Wall Street, as a first step toward conceding the nomination. And the Sanders campaign issued layoff notices to several hundred staffers.

Equally, Sanders should stop the rather harmless demand that transcripts of speeches given to major financial firms be made public. I refer to speeches by that simulacrum of womanhood, “whose sole name blisters my tongue” (11).

All in all, we are careening towards the inevitable election of a human horror, dressed in female garb, with possibly Sanders as Vice-President. Which will enable them both to new-speak in leftist terms, while the crooks, the perverts and the subhumans who finance the whole charade are laughing their heads off, at the expense of “the blunt monster with uncounted heads” (12) – laughing, of course, all the way to the bank.

This site’s previous blog on Trump resulted in some fierce criticism. Nothing wrong with that. As per Mark Twain, “In all matters of opinion our adversaries are insane.” Still, however infinitesimal the influence of a blog may be, I am not praising the Republican candidate, should he ever gets the nomination.

But when Trump says that “The foreign policy of President Obama and Hillary Clinton has been a complete and total disaster,” who could argue with that? And should you have doubts, please look at this, visible and audible example of the criminality of human affairs and of deeds, by this female weaver of agreements of death. Be prepared for more of the same plus this, when that simulacrum of womanhood, whose sole name blisters my tongue, will represent America.

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In the Title. “Methinks I am a prophet new inspired…” John of Gaunt foresees chaos and doom as products of King Richard II’s “fierce, rash, blaze of riot.”

In the Play – original quote. “No prophet will I trust…” After some tests, Charles has now complete confidence in Joan of Arc.


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