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  1. Alison Bailey says:

    I often write about the Bard. This looks like an interesting site.

  2. claudine kahan says:

    Brilliant post!

  3. Dorothea Rüd says:

    I’m a complete beginner in Shakespeare and I’m fascinated.

  4. Anna Fronkova says:

    Cannot seem to be able to subscribe to newsletter. Could you possibly add me to subs list.

  5. James Bryan says:

    Looking forward to remembering what I studied from Ms. Allen at Lamar University in 1961.

  6. Giovanni Di Simone says:

    Mr. Moglia
    mi farebbe l’onore di farmi avere tutti gli aggiornamenti al Suo bellissimo blog sui detti di Shakespeare?
    Sono Giovanni Di Simone, vivo in California da 37 anni e proprio come Lei anche io adoro l’insegnamento, la filosofia , gli spunti per pensare diversamente di questa vita ..
    Grazie ancora e la chiamero’

  7. dkinbj says:

    Happy to subscribe. Some ancient wisdom is a timely antidote to the fetishism of technology and transhumanism.

  8. Anil Thapar says:

    Do unto others, what Shakespeare did to the world!

  9. Gail Flynn says:

    Thankyou for welcoming me

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