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Terror On The Paris Express

“Who cannot steal a shape that means deceit?” (King Henry VI p2, act 3) I was determined to believe that the drama on the fast train to Paris, was a stellar victory in the War on Terror. The mainstream media informed us, with the abruptness of ecstasy and the pleasure of the extraordinary, – informed Read More

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Atom Bombs, Babes & Cakes

“You are too shallow, Hastings, much too shallow, To sound the bottom of the after-times.” (K. Henry IV part 2) Given Obama’s visit to Hiroshima, I am re-publishing this post from last year. (May 2016) I think it is relevant, for the accepted vulgata does not tell the whole story. (The year 2015 has already Read More

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French Fries & Strange Flesh

Knowing that flattery is the infantry of negotiations, Octavian, on meeting Antony after a long time, starts the conversation by recounting, for the benefit of the audience, one of Antony’s feats, the fame of which reached even Rome, “…on the Alps It is reported thou didst eat strange flesh, Which some did die to look Read More

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