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Terror On The Paris Express

“Who cannot steal a shape that means deceit?” (King Henry VI p2, act 3) I was determined to believe that the drama on the fast train to Paris, was a stellar victory in the War on Terror. The mainstream media … Continue reading

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Atom Bombs, Babes & Cakes

“You are too shallow, Hastings, much too shallow, To sound the bottom of the after-times.” (K. Henry IV part 2) Given Obama’s visit to Hiroshima, I am re-publishing this post from last year. (May 2016) I think it is relevant, … Continue reading

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French Fries & Strange Flesh

Knowing that flattery is the infantry of negotiations, Octavian, on meeting Antony after a long time, starts the conversation by recounting, for the benefit of the audience, one of Antony’s feats, the fame of which reached even Rome, “…on the … Continue reading

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