This is a page dedicated to links to related sites of possible interest to visitors of the “YourDailyShakespeare” site.    (The site of Italian journalist Maria Luisa Bressani) (A resource for tutors and tutoring) (The site is in Italian. Maurizio Blondet is a journalist and produces fine analyses of current events of which the official versions are often suspicious. (The site is in Italian. Fulvio Grimaldi produces interesting and telling documentaries on the crimes of warmongering and the plague of misinformation) (excellent source of Medieval Information and Art)  (Don Baham’s long running TV program “Conversations with Dr. Don” has given a voice to a host of interesting people. Don champions a world where humanity trumps imperialism, capitalism and materialism   (or, as I call it, how to become a vegetarian without even trying) Vegetarianism is good to you, to the body, to the mind and to the animals unnecessarily tortured to feed the myth of the presumed superiority of man