The Clintons’ War on Women

clinton cartoon 2“I do condemn mine ears that have so long attended thee”

(Cymbeline, act 1, sc. 6)

This is an unpleasant blog to write and I apologize in advance for the language, to my twenty-five readers.
As a mitigating factor, the unpleasant language is extracted verbatim from Roger Stone’s book titled “The Clinton’s War on Women.” Nevertheless, sometimes a rough truth is better than circumvoluted euphemisms.

The objective is to expose what may be ignored by many – considering the ominous chance that the woman “whose sole name blisters my tongue”(1) may become the next president. In the instance, the electorate would not just choose the woman but the whole family, the package and the luggage. And, as the chronicles show, what package, what luggage!

Brief background. When, in the chronicles of fleeting time, Clinton-the-Male ran for president, he seemed an improvement on his predecessor (Bush I), famous for having “defended democracy” in Kuwait. The latter being a blatantly racist, absolute-monarchy, closed city-state, where the emir (as documented by Ross Perot), had even a personal minister for sex, as part of the government.

Furthermore, though the foundation of the legitimacy of power is one of the unresolved questions of capitalist society, yet, according to its own ideology the most able should always win, based on individual capacities – in this case, the best being Clinton-the-Male.

When, at the beginning of the campaign, a woman (Gennifer Flowers), unexpectedly said she had been his lover for 17 years and Clinton-the-Male strongly denied it, Clinton-the-Female supported her husband and people believed both.

Perhaps Clinton-the-Male imitated, unawares, a character in “Measure for Measure”, a kind of Clinton of the past. Angelo made unwanted advances to Isabella, who threatened to expose him. At which he says,

Who will believe thee, Isabel?
My unsoil’d name, the austereness of my life,
My vouch against you, and my place i’ the state,
Will so your accusation overweigh,
That you shall stifle in your own report
And smell of calumny. I have begun,
And now I give my sensual race the rein:
Fit thy consent to my sharp appetite…”

On hearing Clinton-the-Male’s public denial, Flowers released a recorded telephone conversation in which he offered her $200.00 for an abortion. Unable to deny his voice and caught-up in their own contradictions, the Clintons made a joint appearance on national TV, admitting that “there had been issues in their marriage” – the spin of the interview being that the Clintons were sincere (!) and just like anybody else. Whereas these people were, are and, I am afraid, will always be “as false as dicers’ oaths.” (3)

Clinton-the-Male’s credibility was shot, but Perot’s third-party candidacy and the disgust with Bush, made Clinton’s election inevitable, in 1992.

Gennifer Flowers was by no means the only woman who spilled the beans. Several others accused him of sexual assault and harassment. Those interested may read the actual book.

One would think, however, that on having achieved the presidency, Clinton may have tried to avoid yet another exposure to shameless lying – many thought indeed that he had restrained himself.

Then the Lewinsky affair brought down the house of cards. Initially, Clinton-the-Woman claimed that it was all a “right-wing conspiracy.”

As readers may recall, Clinton-the-Male first vehemently denied having anything to do with ”that woman.” And, after organic evidence was actually produced, he had the gall of saying that he had had no sex with the intern, because he used a cigar for penetration.

The book does not deal at length with the Lewinsky business. However, after the event, the colossal denials and lies, the multiple recurring allegations of sexual harassment, the retaliations and revenge against whistleblowers, became all very credible. Further strengthening Clinton-the-Male’s attribution of being “…the lyingest knave in Christendom.” (4)

Incidentally, organizing and staging the revenge and character assassination of the female victims, was his wife. This is important because, as the book demonstrates, the Clintons have waged for years a war on women, and a Clinton-the-Woman president threatens to cause more victims.

Let’s hear from Kathleen Willey, a volunteer at the White House,

“As a volunteer in the White House, I knew too well the insincere public façade worn by the first lady. She did not think twice of dressing down her subordinates in profanity-laden tirades. In 1993 I was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton, then president of the United States, in the Oval Office. In a professional setting where I had planned to ask him for paid employment, President Clinton put my hand on his genitals. He then proceeded to overpower me and run his hands up my skirt, over my blouse and my breasts. If not for an impending meeting for which he was late, I might not have escaped his grasp.”
Four years later I was subpoenaed as a witness to depose in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case. It was then that I was treated firsthand to the ways that Hillary tried to discredit and intimidate women who have suffered at the hands of her husband. I believe that Hillary Clinton was behind the criminal terror campaign designed to scare me into silence. My children were threatened by detectives hired by Hillary. They threatened mine and my friend’s children. They killed one of my cats and left his skull on my porch. They told me I was in danger, they followed me. They vandalized my car. They subjected me to a campaign of fear and intimidation, trying to silence me.
I was not the only one. Every woman Hillary has found to be a threat to her or her husband’s political capital has been subjected to choreographed investigations and terror campaigns. She really wants the American people to believe she is a champion of women’s rights. “Women’s rights are America’s issues”, she has repeated over and again… She neglects to mention the plethora of women whose voices she silenced and whose rights she took away. She has not only enabled the behavior of her husband for almost 40 years, she has engaged in a war of character assassination and caused both physical and emotional trauma to the women who were victims of her husband’s depraved behavior.”

By the way the Clintons settled the Paula Jones sexual harassment case for almost 900 thousand dollars.

In the book’s introduction of the author says,

“The Clintons have jointly abused an incredible number of people in their seemingly charmed scramble for power and money. Despite Hillary’s ambition to first elect Bill as president and then follow him to the White House, Bill was reckless in his epic philandering and open cocaine use during his period as Attorney General and Governor. It fell to Hillary to silence his victims and other witnesses, and she rationalized his outrageous behavior rather than hold accountable her sexually abusing and cocaine driven husband.
The Clintons’ lifelong history of lying and violating the law, seemingly without consequence or punishment, is a phenomenon referred to as ‘elite deviance.’ Elite deviance is an anomaly in which some people who have enough material wealth, political influence, and personal connections can immunize themselves from considering the consequences of their most abhorrent, destructive, vile, and even criminal behavior. This describes the Clinton’s perfectly.”

During the Clinton-the-Male presidential campaign, a point was made of his having been a Rhode scholar in Oxford. Unsaid was that he had been expelled from Oxford for sexually molesting a nineteen-year-old coed named Eileen Wellstone. The University of Oxford and the State Department covered up the Wellstone assault and Clinton disappeared from the prestigious institution.

When he ran for governor of Arkansas, he raped a volunteer by the name of Juanita Broddrick. Clinton-the-Woman soon learned about it. According to Larry Nichols, an insider, she rushed into the office screaming, “You will never believe what the motherfucker did now, he tried to rape some bitch.”

Profanities today are common currency and I will refrain from adding further quotes, uttered by Clinton-the-Woman in various occasions, and reported by different people.

Again, a reader may naturally question whether a woman in such high place could be so vulgar. But then, if the face is a true index of the mind, we can watch again this now famous video-clip ( By observing the body language, we cannot but conclude that this female-shaped individual harbors a depraved soul. She laughs her head off at having destroyed Libya and at having assassinated its leader of 40 years, who turned his nation into the most prosperous and socialized country in Africa.

After the conclusion of his term in office, Clinton-the-Male was not idle, and associated himself with some remarkable characters of the same ilk. One such character was a Ron Burkle, who paid Clinton 15 million $ in consulting fees. Plus the added benefit of partaking of Burkle’s revolving stable of “pretty young things,” and of travelling on Burke’s private plane. Security agents referred to the plane as “Air Fuck One.”

Another excellent contact was a billionaire and convicted pedophile, named Larry Epstein. Soon after being arrested for pedophilia, Epstein made a large contribution to the Clinton Foundation. Foundation that, also considering further evidence of Clinton-the-Male’s activities, ought to be more properly renamed as the Oral and Anal Sex Foundation.

Anyway, after the donation, Epstein was offered a plea bargain, resulting in 13 months in jail, but with a 16-hour day-pass. Based on the 33 child victims who settled lawsuits with Epstein, he should be serving a twenty-year sentence.

The merit for this extraordinary sentence is not only Clinton-the-Male’s. Epstein pandered under-age girls to many VIP pedophiles, including Prince Andrew (did his grandmother know?), and the notorious brother-in-arms and co-extreme Zionist Alan Dershowitz.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, in explaining the incredible Epstein sentence, said he did not want to have a “political mess” on his hands. Gonzales (Bush II administration), was so corrupt that he had to resign, for even the republicans couldn’t take any longer his gross falsifications against iron-clad evidence.

Epstein had a network of pedo-recruiters. One of the recruited was 16-year old Virginia Roberts, who filed a lawsuit against him. Epstein had a plane, nicknamed “Lolita Express” in which he transported the under-age girls to an island he owns in the Caribbean, familiarly known as ‘Orgy Island’. Clinton-the-Male appears 17 times on the passengers list of the “Lolita Express”.

Some readers may recall that Clinton-the-Male’s brother was arrested for cocaine distribution. Said the brother governor, “My brother has apparently become involved with drugs, a curse which has reached epidemic proportions and has plagued the lives of millions of families in our nation, including many in our state.” He omitted to say that he too was an active consumer. “…wilt thou whip thine own faults in other men?” (5)

Other information about the Clintons is not generally known, for example that an Afro-american prostitute with whom Clinton-the-Male had an ongoing relationship fathered his child.

picture of clinton's male son and motherRepeated requests for DNA comparisons have been denied. But there is a fairly close resemblance between the son and the alleged father. A black activist in Little Rock, Robert McIntosh, distributed a flier that read,

comparison between picture of young Clinton and picture of his alleged son

“The Hottest Thing Going: Bill Clinton’s Dick Will Keep Him From Running for President of The United States of America.

Please help me raise money to take care of this black baby, the black sheep of the family. This baby is by a black woman. The picture is furnished by the Righteous Rev. Tommy Knots. Rev. Knots is an aide to Hillary Clinton at the Rose Law Firm…”

This Rev. Knots became involved after the mother of the child, Bobbie Ann Williams, asked him to intervene. McIntosh had been protesting in Arkansas, carrying a sign “Just one drop”, referring to Clinton-the-Male’s blood, necessary to verify paternity. The request was denied. Incidentally, the mother passed several lie detection tests. It is unknown why the DNA from the Lewinski case could not be made available.

All this did not stop Clinton-the-Male, once elected, from issuing a memorandum as follows:

“Subject. Supporting the Role of the Fathers in Families
I am firm in my belief that the future of the Republic depends on strong families and that committed fathers are essential to those families…”

and on for several hundred words encouraging the participation of fathers in the raising of their children. It appears a a case of O, what authority and show of truth can cunning sin cover itself withal.” (6)

The most recent issue with Clinton-the-Woman has to do, as readers know, with deleted classified emails from private servers and with private servers wiped clean by mistake or similar.

To the unsophisticated reader, the matter may appear minor, compared to some other family’s deeds. Unspoken of and at stake, however, is not so much the impropriety of handling classified information on a private server. The undeclared issue, apparently, is that Clinton-the-Woman was using her capacity as Secretary of State to negotiate contributions to the tune of tens of millions of $ per shot with various foreign states and corporations. Contribution that would theoretically go to the Oral and Anal Sex Foundation, but practically into the pockets of the family, who are now billionaires. Chevron, Ericsson, Boeing, General Electric, Goldman Sachs, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, various large Chinese Corporations, are some of the contributors.

Plus massive sums from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, the Arab Emirates – all countries, as you know, at the forefront of those women’s rights of which Clinton-the-Woman proclaims herself a herald.

And anyone who wanted to profit from the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, had to go through and do business with the Clintons. Essentially, they worked and work as middlemen between lucrative contracts and high-moneyed individuals and businesses.

Observed in its entirety, the history of the Clintons is a tale of fraud, clear in its intent, shameful in its mechanisms, and infamous in its swindle.

I only touched on the main items found in Roger Stone’s and Robert Morrow’s book. Known to relatively few was the role that Clinton-the-Woman had in the political rise of her husband in Arkansas – including her joining, in 1979, the third oldest law firm in the nation, as the first female partner. Other partners were Vince Foster, who later committed suicide at the White House in still unclear circumstances, and Webb Hubbell, rumored to be the real father of Chelsea Clinton, born in 1980 – due to remarkably similar facial features.

Image of Chelsea Clinton and Web Hubbell, who some claim is her real father

Be it chance or design, Chelsea had extensive plastic surgery to modify the noticeable lower lip similar to Hubbell’s.

adjacent inages comparing Chelsea Clinton's features before and after plastic surgeryThere is also other related, alleged, somewhat gross evidence, but those interested should refer to the book. It was not pleasant for me to read it – but it is my contribution (however small), to inform the uninformed about what they could expect ahead, in the government of the exceptional nation.

The book’s seasoned author, Roger Stone, defines himself a libertarian. Altogether, the evidence reported in “The Clintons’ War on Women” may be described as circumstantial. But the actual undeniable evidence is strong enough to lend strong credibility to the circumstantial.

The pressure to elect Clinton-the-Woman as president is enormous. The Zionist lobby is one of her major assets. Earlier in the campaign, she declared that, under her presidency, the relationship between America and Israel would “rise to a whole new level.” Any possible interpretation must be ominous, given the antecedents.

In his scathing conclusion to his book the author writes, “Bill and Hillary Clinton are the penicillin-resistant syphilis of the American body politic.”

Maybe the extraordinary and somewhat lurid story of this family reflects their humble beginning. Therefore, they could not spare any means to escape their condition and to acquire all the benefits, safeguards and immunities deriving from luxury. Consequently, they built for themselves a life-style where the concretion of interests perfectly blends with the arrogance of power. And, at least at this historical moment, arrogance seems recommended as the supply of every defect, and the ornament of every excellence.

But it is also known that “… beggars mounted run their horse to death’ (7)where the horse in the metaphor may well be the American people.

On the other hand, in the vocabulary of neo-liberal capitalism,

“…my more having would be as a sauce
To make me hunger more: that I should forge
Quarrels unjust against the good and loyal,
Destroying them for wealth”

as the recent evolution of American foreign policy amply illustrates.

I think readers should keep the history of the Clintons in mind before casting their presidential vote. Lest the Autumn of the elections turn into the deep Winter of our Discontent (9)

But some may ask, “Is Trump better?” Perhaps the only good thing we can say about him is that he is not worse.

Nevertheless, when any candidate promises to make America great again, some observers are filled with inextinguishable laughter, which (according to Homer), is the portion of the immortal Gods.

And, given the precedents, voters should ever remember that,

“Promising is the very air o’ the time: it opens the eyes of expectation: performance is ever the duller for his act.…To promise is most courtly and fashionable: performance is a kind of will or testament, which argues a great sickness in his judgment that makes it.” (10)

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In the play (opening quote). Imogen reject the abject advances of the perfidious Iachimo.

Image Source (opening),

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