Shakespeare and some Unpalatable Truths about Imperialism

'Twill vex thy soul to hear what I shall speak; For I must talk of murders, rapes and massacres, Acts of black night, abominable deeds, Complots of mischief, treason, villanies Ruthful to hear, yet piteously perform'd“’Twill vex thy soul to hear what I shall speak;
For I must talk of murders, rapes and massacres,
Acts of black night, abominable deeds,
Complots of mischief, treason, villanies
Ruthful to hear, yet piteously perform’d”

(Titus Andronicus, act 5, sc. 1)

Comment. The lines could be a fitting incipit to a CIA report, were it not that American citizens would be prevented from seeing it because of “national security”.

Just as this article was being written, news came out of some 30-year old CIA documents now de-classified. Reagan was illegally sending millions to the Guatemalan dictator Montt recently found guilty of genocide. This is the US government speaking,

“… the (Guatemalan) army had yet to encounter a guerrilla force in the area. Its successes were limited to the destruction of entire villages and the killing of peasants suspected of collaborating with rebels.  The army’s belief that the entire indigenous population of Ixil supports the guerrillas has created a situation in which the army can be expected to give no quarter to combatants and non-combatants alike.” And it continues, “Chief of Staff General Benedicto Lucas García indicated, quote, it probably will be necessary to destroy a number of villages, unquote”

But let’s not digress. We began discussing “national security”, a concept that has acquired a new Orwellian meaning, namely “anything that could potentially expose some government employee (from the humblest to the proudest) to unseasonable and unpalatable questions.”

As an example, it was reported in the non-corporate media that, just this month, a citizen in California who was filming the police violently handling a citizen, had his camera seized because of “national security.”

And because of “national security” it is now official, the US of A can kill anyone in the world, at will, anytime, anywhere and without accountability or even reason, because of “national security.”

The same principle applies to wars. By presidential decree, the US of A can now land troops anywhere in the world, anytime, anyplace, without accountability because of “national security.”

This is indeed the crowning achievement of the “Plan for the New American Century” as set up prior to the September 11 2011 “terror attacks”. And the dream of endless war has come true.

Terror attacks that many believe –with an expression now become familiar – were an inside job.

Viewers of this article may watch the video in which NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology – find link at end of this article), after an eight year investigation, says that skyscraper World Trade Center 7, never hit by planes, could not have crashed in free fall, because that would mean a controlled demolition. And when, in a remarkable public hearing, independent scientists prove conclusively that the building went down in free fall, NIST retracts. Yes WTC7 went down in free fall, but at the same time it didn’t.

How could such a miracle occur? Very simply, by adding 5 seconds to the actual time that it took the building to crash. That is, there were 5 seconds during which WTC 7 stood still and moved, at the same time.

This miraculous NIST explanation is biblical in scope and implication.  Very similar to when the sun stood still in the Old Testament (“And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day” – King James Bible).

Indeed, if WTC 7 was a controlled demolition, as it has been amply demonstrated, then the whole 9/11 event calls for an explanation completely different from the official.

For reason must conclude that the maxims of expedience and policy must permit the commission of an immense crime. And it is irrelevant that innocent people must suffer the consequences of the policy.  Or better, the death, first of thousands and then of millions is, with a new Orwellian linguistic jewel coined by the government, an externality.

Is it possible to draw some tentative conclusions from a historic review of the first dozen years of this new wonderful “American Century”? Let’s try…

The century opens with America’s absolute victory over the evil communists and with the disintegration of what once was called the “left” – those who, for example, rose in hundreds of thousands against the crime of the Vietnam war.

It’s impossible to live without a war, that is, to live without killing. As King Lewis of France says to the warmongering Archbishop Pandulph,

Your breath first kindled the dead coal of wars
Between this chastised kingdom and myself,
And brought in matter that should feed this fire;
And now ’tis far too huge to be blown out
With that same weak wind which enkindled it.”

A new enemy is wanted. What better target than the Muslim world? An easy target for the US, courtesy of Israel, given the apartheid, the usurpation, the colonization and the military occupation of Palestine.

And so we come to that wonderful doctrine (via the mouth of Emperor George W. Bush and his eunuchs) of “clash of civilizations”. Never mind that historically, Muslims have been more tolerant than Christians when it comes to living in the same nation. History buffs may recall that the collapse of the Eastern Roman Empire and the fall of Constantinople was in part due to the Christians being squeezed by taxes and dues by the Empire. To the point that life among the infidels was on the whole more tolerable.

But now it just so happens that the Muslim world as a whole is more cohesive in their overall worldview than followers of other religions are. It is easier – thanks to the corporate media – to convert America into a land of Simpsons-like families, than to do the same with the Muslims (though it has been tried).

The contempt so long entertained and displayed by the US of A towards the Muslims has created among the Muslims a deep and universal abhorrence towards the perpetrators of immense injustice and crimes against humanity. Hence the now countless episodes of people who kill themselves to kill those whom they perceive as the perpetrators of the injustice.

But this is exactly what the promoters of the American Century want and wanted. All that is needed is to maintain sundry puppet governments, even in Muslim countries, where few, in the US payroll, become immensely rich against a background of common poverty.

All this the corporate media keeps well secluded from the American Simpsons. Few know for example, that the Azerbaijan government – an eminently Muslim country – has cozy relations with Israel. And that the US of A has huge military bases in such places as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, not to speak of Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrein, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan – all Muslim countries.

By the way, other countries currently targeted for new military bases, (what Colin Powell calls “our family of bases”) include Senegal, Ghana, Mali, Sierra Leone. Ghadafi was in the way so he had to be killed. In Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and (incredibly) Vietnam.

Even the Al Qaida fig leaf has been shown for what it is. Al Qaida is an enemy in some countries and a friend in others (read Syria).

Ironically, the few terrorists who manage to strike at the empire do exactly what the empire wants. Thanks to the corporate media, they keep up the notion among the American Simpsons that they, the Muslims, “envy our liberties’, and justify the trillions wasted on the military.

Last week, CBS correspondent broke the story about what Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (the younger Boston bomber) scribbled on the side of the boat, where he lied bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds. And here it is (in remarkably good English),

The [Boston] bombings were in retribution for the U.S. crimes in places like Iraq and Afghanistan [and] that the victims of the Boston bombing were collateral damage, in the same way innocent victims have been collateral damage in U.S. wars around the world.  Summing up, that when you attack one Muslim you attack all Muslims.”

This week it was the turn of a British soldier in England.

Horrible, inhuman stuff and bad reasoning, of course. But it reflects the plights of a humiliated and exasperated multitude. For when you push your enemy against the wall, for no other reason that he is not like you and resents your invading his country, you cannot expect him to think or behave rationally.

After all, revenge is not a monopoly of the Old Testament. As Titus Andronicus explains, when his sons are murdered by the evil Aaron and faithless Tamara,

“…I shall never come to bliss
Till all these mischiefs be return’d again
Even in their throats that have committed them”

NIST video:

In the play. The evil Aaron responds to a request from Lucius to give an account of his (Aaron’s) crimes and Aaron starts with the declaration at the beginning of the article. In exchange Lucius will spare the life of Aaron’s baby born from the adulterous relation with Queen Tamara.

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