Shakespeare, Romanticism and the Role of Woman in a Gated Democracy

Shall I compare thee to a summer day, thou are more lovely and more temperate...“Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date…


Comment. As we will try to demonstrate in this article, the beautiful lines of this famous sonnet are desperately obsolete.

Global imperialism, under American guidance, needs to impose a superstructure on all colonized nations. The term ‘colonized’ includes those nations tied to various financial or military structures such as NATO, the IMF etc.

The superstructure requires the destruction of traditional communities and the imposition of a way of life. Argentinian writer Manuel Freytas states genially that the pivot of the new life-system is the Alienated Programmed Individual.

The new mass-individual lives in an immense social market, in which even human relations are objects of consumption and investment. Even a romantic relationship calls for an ROI (return on investments).

The collective sentiment of the Alienated Programmed Mass, as also expressed by judges ruling on family law, makes one point clear. In the family, the violent entity is man. And the judicial sentences accurately reflect the media construct whereby man is violent and woman is the eternal victim.

The capitalist system, to exercise its hegemony, creates stereotypes in which the mass – the blunt monster with the uncounted heads –  confusedly sees a mirror of itself. In this system and construct man is redefined as irrational and weak, therefore prone to practice violence, whereas the woman is the carrier of a new astuteness. She is refined, clever and calculating.

In America, home of repressive tolerance, such behavioral prototypes have been popularized and sanctioned via garbage TV sitcoms and newspaper cartoons.

Consequently, stupidity has become a social phenomenon. And man, as nominal head of the traditional family, embodies the symbol of such stereotypes, the symbol of a generalized dementia.

The corporate, monopolized media has perfectly conveyed the model with the objective of creating millions of Simpsons-like families.

Woman, in the structure of mass control, as envisioned by Washington’s think-tanks, breaks the monotony of life-as-consumption. She is the voice of reason, who brings normalcy in a man who finds pleasure in beer, mass-sports and pub-friends of the same ilk.

In absolute capitalism – such is the current development phase – the dominant elite wants unlimited production of goods. This requires the removal of the remnants of old-fashioned bourgeois-capitalism, including any form of sexual discrimination (or difference)

Woman is ready to exercise a new hegemony inside a system of gated democracy and criminalized dissent.

Garbage TV programs, articles and books written by elite-hired mental eunuchs, reflect the emergence of the new stereotypes, the carriers of the Gospel of infinite consumption.

Among the stereotypes, the career woman arrogant and cruel towards subordinates  (counterpart of the successful manager) and the Programmed Alienated Individual. Last but not least, the new ostensive androgyny model, as an extreme reaction to the anti-human character of capitalist society.

Not long ago, the desperation of the plebes was channeled towards the hope of a seat in the catholic heaven of the after-life. The model has lost its appeal. Now the plebes and the shrinking middle class can look forward to a future when women will be like men, to the glory of the capitalist system and of the mega-profiteers laughing all the way to the bank.

Global-imperial capitalism causes an increase in unemployment and social marginalization. In Europe, where these events are still reported, a growing number of men commit suicide after having lost a job and being unable to find another cannot therefore support their families.

But in the new model, man is no longer the weight bearer of the traditional family. He loses his role of family leader and guarantor of a cultural formation for his progeny.

Of course, not long ago, man’s traditional role was still played in the context of the conflict Labor vs. Capital. But the presence of a meaningful Left prevented the explosion of social schizophrenia and the destruction of popular communities, including unions and student groups.

The destruction of the foundations of the traditional class society, including the family, a residue of primitive communism (as Marcuse explained), enables the capitalistic-imperialistic power to dominate and manipulate all social cells.

Even the family becomes an avenue of competition. Man and woman compete to assume a hegemonic role, according to the needs of capital – the same capital that dictates the rules of the current butchery. They both wave their pay-check and assert their family role according to the production of income.

Gated democracy requires this for the upkeep of class exploitation and for the support of the industrial-military complex, the planner of genocides, global in range and scales.

The woman-manager is the emerging dominant human type, the pivot of imperialist society, the NATO with the human face who kills while smiling – who smiles and murders while she smiles and whose tongue more poisons than the adder’s tooth.

The new imperialist witch only deals with her equals, in the instance the heartless manager, and shares with him the same material interests.

Gated democracy requires gated relations and connections. In America, on the one hand there is the widely-promoted Simpsons family model. On the other, a new family prototype where material interests are the common ground of family members sharing the capitalistic and imperialistic ideology.

The post-democratic regime, based on the crystallization of an ideology (capitalism, imperialism, endless war), yields solitude and relations without affection.

The promotion of the androgyny model (in the USA) also defines the psycho-somatic traits of the Alienated Programmed Individual. Homosexual relations (as an alternative to prostitutes) are the morphine to bear the weight of a capitalism ever more anti-human that wants to conquer the hearts and souls of everyone.

The powerful gay lobby, along with the multinationals, promote the culture of death (drugs, androgyny model, trans-humanism) exalting the late-nazi culture with stars and stripes. Canonical sexual relations become more exclusive. For the rejected it is necessary to create a diversion, legitimized by the mass media.

The androgyny model corresponds to a particular Alienated Programmed Individual who has little interest for social questions. He is interested in the spectacularization of private life, prelude to an existence consisting of goods bought or sold.

The Alienated Programmed Individual gradually loses the sense of his own character and soul because he sees no other alternative to the very program that has alienated him.

On the other hand imperialism requires all this to wrap people in a mantle of indifference towards its genocides and crimes committed worldwide.

Given the above, those who, in a burst of anti-establishment feelings, were to address a lovely girl with the lines of sonnet 18, are – I am afraid – terribly out of step with the times – or very ‘demode’ as the French would say.

In the Sonnet.  Sonnet 18 is probably the most famous among Shakespeare’s sonnets. The famous opening lines rank # 2 after “To be or not to be” in popular impact. Technically it was dedicated to a man, but in these days of equal rights and non-discrimination, the lines may be as well dedicated to a charming woman.

PS. I am indebted to S. Zecchinelli for the key ideas expressed in this article.

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