Shakespeare and a Greeting to Remember and be Remembered by

let all the number of the stars give light to thy fair way“Let all the number of the stars give light
To thy fair way!”

 (Antony and Cleopatra, act 3, sc. 2)

Comments. Salutations to all friends and visitors to the “Your Daily Shakespeare”. The webmaster is on his way to Florence for a formal presentation of his new book, (title translated), “Our Daily Dante – 3500 Ways to Get Away with it with Dante.” For details go to the lower section of the “About the Author” page.
May you all be well and wherever you are or are going, be safe and let all the number of the stars give light to your fair ways, wherever you are and go.

Tips for Use.  You can use the quote with her or she can use it with you whenever you leave for a business trip. A wish that, to whomever is applied will let you be memorable and remembered.

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In the play. After a summit meeting in Italy Lepidus wishes a good trip to departing Antony and Octavian

Image Source: Hubble Telescope

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