Shakespeare on Turncoats and Opportunism

rich man poor man. Whilst a beggar I'll rail and say there is no sin but to be rich“Well, whiles I am a beggar, I will rail
And say there is no sin but to be rich;
And being rich, my virtue then shall be
To say there is no vice but beggary.”
(King John, act 2, sc. 2)

Comments.  For our overseas visitors to this site, Cynthia Kinney is a really brave and courageous congresswoman. She spoke for the Palestinians. Consequently her district was re-worked and re-arranged so that she could not be re-elected.
Recently, however, she also spoke out about those African Americans who thanks to the sacrifices of men who lost life, limb and liberty, now enjoy the benefits of wealth and have turned their back on their fellow African Americans. Cynthia was asked if the black leadership had been bought off with corporate directorships, speaking fees, and executive branch appointments. She replied,
“They are called the “misleadership class” because what is being provided by those with positional authority is not leadership. it is the opposite of leadership. Leadership is not about positional authority or media acceptance: it is about what one does and who one serves and the vision, sense of mission, one inspires in others. Going along to get along and sycophancy in abandonment of one’s professed values are not leadership. Individuals paraded on “mainstream” television and radio are not leaders. These are people who have accommodated themselves to the objectives of the current power wielders and shapers of US policy. The father of a close friend of mine described them as blacks who have sold their blackness.”
A perfect examples of poor turned rich who turned against those who helped change their state.
Nathan Hare wrote an interesting book titled “The Anglo Saxon Black”.  Where he explains that Black Anglo Saxons are distinguished chiefly by their endeavors to dis-identify with the black race out of a thwarted wish to be identified as white. The book is an  underground classic and a penetrating and often humorous analysis of a particular portion of the black middle class that disidentifies with the black race.  They want a psychological and social distance from it, in preference for identifying with the white Anglo Saxons. One typical example is Clarence Thomas, one of the most reactionary judges on the Supreme Court.
Tips for Use.  Comment on a politician who completely reverses his opinions and commitments to further his own personal gains.
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In the play. Faulconbridge is dismayed that King John has come to an agreement with the French thus reversing former decisions for personal gain. Faulconbridge plans to follow suit.

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