Shakespeare on the Unbelievable, Were it not True

Sleep I now and think I hear all this? What error drives our eyes and ears amiss?“Or sleep I now and think I hear all this? What error drives our eyes and ears amiss?”
(Comedy of Errors, act 2, sc. 2)

Comments.  Unbelievable! This, I am pretty sure, will be the reaction of viewers of this entry when they will watch the reasonably short video, listed at the end of the post.
Here is the incredible performance of a Patrick Clawson, Director of Research at the “Washington Institute Of Near East Policy.”
One initial consideration derived from the video. George Orwell’s language is now obsolete. We have reached what the Latins called “coincidentia oppositorum” (coincidence of opposites). That is, Orwellian language (lying) is so universal that it is no longer necessary to disguise it.
In the instance, here is an ass-hole actually promoting a “false-flag” attack, so that the US may have an excuse to wage war against Iran.
One suggestion by this character? The sinking of a (presumably US) submarine by US weapons then blamed on Iran. To give credence to his theory and plans, this ass-hole (a euphemism), lists examples of various “false-flag” attacks in the history of the US of A.
The only one he does not mention is 9/11. Such declarations are now made publicly from one of the military-industrial sponsored (and paid for) “think-tanks” – the very “think-tanks” that formulate US policies to be subscribed and accepted by Congress.
Given this individual’s performance, we have to assume that the 1% believes that the 99% has been so brainwashed that resorting to new-speak is no longer necessary. What can one conclude? What can you conclude?

Tips for Use.  Good line to use in a corporate meeting when you know that the decisions currently discussed will drive the company to ruin.

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In the play. Antipholus of Syracuse cannot explain why Adriana) takes him for her husband. Adriana is the wife of Antipholus of Ephesus

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