Shakespeare on the Speed of Thought

for nimble thought can jump both sea and landFor nimble thought can jump both sea and land,
As soon as think the place where he would be.”
(Sonnet 44)

Comments.  Modern electronics has erased distances creating an almost instant virtual presence among people who may even live at the opposite side of the earth. Modern technology has also dramatically reduced the time required to eliminate physical distances. In fact, on Tuesday Oct 02, 2012 the first Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” took off from Seattle for its scheduled and regular flight to Tokyo. Pedantically speaking, the flight was due to leave on Oct 1, but a last minute technical hitch with a cooling valve caused the delay.
In any event, immediate virtual presence and quickly achieved physical presence have eliminated one source of inspiration for poets inclined to pine about the distance from their lovers. However, thought still outperforms any other means of communication or transport. And thought is still the only entity that can exceed the speed of light, thus defying one of the cardinal tenets of modern physics. As poetically stated in this Sonnet.

Tips for Use. Elegant way to express how thought will bring you quickly in the proximity of your love.

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In the sonnet. The poet is melancholic due to the absence of his lover – a recurrent theme in poetry recent and old. The proto-poetical complainer about the distance between himself and the lover was Petrarch, but many followed suit since the 14th century.

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