Shakespeare Quote, Hard Rock Groups, Hearing Loss and Irish Wolves

Shakespeare and the howling of irish wolves“Pray you, no more of this; ’tis like the howling
of Irish wolves against the moon.”
(As You Like It act 5, sc. 3)

Comments. Applicable whenever your hearing is exposed to loud and very unpleasant or distasteful music – e.g. when your neighbors rehearse with their hard rock group. General opinions about music have varied with the times. Philosophers in ancient Greece feared the effect of the lyre on the temper of the young. Nero, on the other hand, decided to learn to play the lyre and gave recitals during which listeners were of course supposed to approve enthusiastically. Which caused writer Oliver Herford (1863-1935) to say the “Perhaps it was because Nero played the fiddle, they burned Rome.” And that was not accurate either as the lyre had no bow, just like the guitar. In fact lyres were difficult to be kept in tune (not unlike violins). It has been said that an 80 year old lutanist would have spent at least 60 of the 80s tuning his lyre.
No rock group who wants to play loud, metallic music can exempt itself from having a good number of guitars, that – regrettably – can be kept in tune effortlessly.
Rock is historically recent. Opera was to the 18th and 19th centuries what loud rock is for us today. At the time it was held that only Italians could sing operas. Frederick the Great (1712-1786) said, “A German singer! I should as soon expect to get pleasure from the neighing of my horse.”
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In the play. Rosalind finds herself at the center of a tangled web involving her lover Orlando, shepherdess Phebe and shepherd Silvius. The fussing and weaning by the parties involved causes Rosalind to plead with them to shut up.

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