Shakespeare, The Tempest, Caliban, a Thing of Darkness

thing of darkness, caliban, the tempest“…Two of these fellows you
Must know and own; this thing of darkness!
Acknowledge mine.”
(Tempest act 5, sc. 1)

Comments. The ‘thing of darkness’ is the monster Caliban of the Tempest. But the description fits anything that you particularly dislike or person you particularly dislike because of character or other issues. E.G. “This thing of darkness works in the same department where I work.” It can equally apply to any item you own but do not value much e.g. an old car, a tattered executive briefcase, a stained coffee mug etc. e.g. ‘This thing of darkness I acknowledge mine’.
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In the play. Prospero addresses the re-united company. The two fellows are the drunkard conspirators Stephano and Trinculo. The ‘thing of darkness’ is Caliban, who hoped to state a coup d’etat, unseat Prospero and marry Prospero’s daughter Miranda.

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