Shakespeare Quote for Obnoxious Telemarketers

 What devil art thou that dost torment me thus“What devil art thou, that dost torment me thus?”
(Romeo and Juliet act 3, sc. 2)

Comments. Perfect answer to a telemarketer or to any obnoxious character who harasses you for whatever reason. In truth the job of a telemarketer compares to that of an indentured servant. And we would tend to be lenient to one such. Therefore the quote is virtually directed to those who profit from telemarketing – considering, anyway, that a “good pun (or in this case a good quote) may be admitted among the smaller excellencies of lively conversation.” So said Dr. Johnson, if Boswell took it down correctly. The Shakespeare quote is also an excellent comeback during a presentation when a person keeps asking obnoxious questions or making obnoxious comments.
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In the play. The nurse comes in with disconnected news about Romeo and the duel he had during which he slain Tybalt. On pins and needles, Juliet asks the nurse why she, the nurse, seems to want to torment her.

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