Shakespeare, King Lear, Powerful Insult and Elegant Verbal Self Defense

Goneril worth less than dust“O Goneril!
You are not worth the dust which the rude wind
Blows in your face.”
(King Lear act 4, sc. 2)

Tips for Use.  Superb and elegant insult that can be delivered directly to your despicable opponent or included in a political speech. Just change “Goneril” and substitute with the applicable name. Given, for example, the unspeakable crimes committed by sundry characters under the shield of “democracy”, you will find the lines of frequent, suitable and appropriate application. Equally applicable when you are so disgusted with a person that you wish to cut off all communications…
This is but one of hundreds of examples where Shakespeare’s words amplify the inherent meaning of the lines. They elevate you almost automatically above the person to whom the meaning applies, leaving a lasting impression on any other present audience.
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Of course, if you acquire the book “Your Daily Shakespeare” you will not only enjoy it but you will find it very useful. The quote in this post and more than ten thousand others will lead you to find the words that perfectly strengthen your argument(s). After all Shakespeare wrote them, I simply extracted, structured and compiled them so as to make Shakespeare very “user friendly” as they say. And if you wish I will even sign the book. But this is the extreme extent of any “sales” effort, call or solicitation.

 In the play. The duke of Albany discover the ugly stuff his wife Goneril is made of. Cordelia is the good, whilst Goneril and Regan are the ugly daughters of King Lear.

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