Shakespeare, Julius Caesar and the Arrogance of Power

Upon what meat does this, our Caesar...“…Upon what meat doth this our Caesar feed,
That he is grown so great?”
(Julius Caesar, act 1, sc. 2)

Tips for Use.  Illustrate the dangers of misplaced and irrational media appeal and charisma. Question the power, the dubious qualifications, the devious means, the corruption or all the above, by means of which a detestable or stupid individual has achieved a position of power.
Change “Caesar” with the applicable name of a person, a lobbying firm, a corporation or any political structure. For example, “Upon what meat do these Wall Street leeches feed, that they are grown so great?”
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 In the play. Cassius gives Brutus reasons for getting rid of Caesar and questions the ground of Caesar’s popularity.

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