Shakespeare and the Art of Negotiation, King Richard III

A stone as an elelemt of comparison“… I am not made of stone,
But penetrable to your kind entreaties…”
(King Richard III, act 3, sc. 7)

Tips for Use.  When you are almost ready to yield on a request that, perhaps, you previously denied. Still, you intend to draw out the matter a bit longer for a number of reasons, timing, political, tactical or all of the above…

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And I promise, no sales calls, trade leads, venomous schemes, hidden plots, Machiavellian conspiracies, commercial ploys, psychological tricks, leads exchanges, barter proposals, suggestions or offers of any kind imaginable (and unimaginable).
Of course, if you acquire the book “Your Daily Shakespeare” you will not only enjoy it but you will find it very useful. The quote in this post and more than ten thousand others will lead you to find the words that perfectly strengthen your argument(s). After all Shakespeare wrote them, I simply extracted, structured and compiled them so as to make Shakespeare very “user friendly” as they say. And if you wish I will even sign the book. But this is the extreme extent of any “sales” effort, call or solicitation.

In the play. Richard pretends to yield to Buckingham’s requests that he, Richard, be king. Of course, it is all a charade and a propaganda show, much like today’s “democracy”. Or rather, socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor.

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