The daffodils are here

Image for Shakespeare quote, Daffodils that come before the swallowsa dareDaffodils, that come before the swallows dare, and take
The winds of March with beauty
” (Winter’s Tale Act 4, sc. 4)

Tips for Use. Flowers are indissolubly linked to romance and the association woman-flower is almost instinctive. A flower is perfection. Therefore giving flowers to a lady is to give her a symbol of herself at her best, of the perfection of femininity. With this in mind, the poet Neville Fleeson in 1917 wrote,
“Say it with flowers from love’s sweetest bowers,
And you’ll find her waiting, waiting for you.”

Ever hungry for your buck, the Society of American Florists in 1919 adopted the slogan, ‘Say it with Flowers’, thereby debasing even the most romantic of symbols to the level of trade – suggesting optional McDonalds of roses (‘over 50 billion sold)’ or Coca Colas of daffodils (‘Daffodil is the real thing’).
Perish the thought.
Still…  compare your lady to flowers or bring them into the conversation, Shakespeare-style, implying an association between the lady and your favorite flower. It may improve your ratings or standing, if necessary.

In the play. Perdita, the princess of royal stock, now employed as a shepherdess in this very imaginary plot enchants Camillo, envoy of the King of Sicilia.

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