The Two Americas at Charlottesville

Demonstrators and counter-demonstrators at CharlottesvilleI wasn’t in Charlottesville during the upheavals in this summer of discontent, (1)  but I know some who were. They sent videos, photos and witness’ accounts – thanks to which, I followed those threads of reasoning on which truth is frequently suspended. That is, I formed an idea of what happened, and, perhaps more important, of what the event means, symbolizes, suggests and foretells.

Given the turn taken by subsequent events a clarification is on order. Lest any of my twenty-five readers suspect that I am suddenly seething with lust for right-wing ideologies, I am not. But that slice of road scholarship in me – “road” not a spelling error – revolts against the re-writing of history, especially when the motives are devious, obvious and diabolical, as we will see later. And my heart for anger burns (2).

For whatever we have collectively deposited in the sacred treasure of the past, should be out of the reach of accident, or violence, nor should it be lost by our own weakness, or another’s malice.

But first, some peripheral notes. For those who know the area, Charlottesville has the air and feel of the American South. It is the hometown of Thomas Jefferson, prime and foremost drafter and redactor of the Declaration of Independence. The town delights the gazer and entices the naturalist, as it lays at the edge of the famous Blue Mountains and of the equally famous National Park of Shenandoah, geographies that have inspired so many blue-grass and country songs in American folk music.

It is named Charlottesville in honor of the consort queen of King George III, the very German Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. No surprise here, as from the 1688’s “Glorious Revolution” onward, all British kings have been more-or-less German.

The Windors themselves are (were) Saxe-Coburg. The switch occurred in 1917, reigning the grandfather of Elizabeth II, during WW1. When, to persuade the usual millions to be slaughtered in useless wars, British propaganda renamed the Germans ‘Huns’ – lexical reminder of wicked and heinous barbarians, who slit the throats of children, along with other unspeakable atrocities.

Bullshit of unfathomable depth, but lies are the toolbox of any regime, though in the instance, the inventor of the lie was clearly the lyingest knave in Christendom (3). But dirty water still feeds the mill, and having a Hun for a King, or a King with the name of a Hun, did not fit the meme, as we would say today.

Jefferson left noble and notable imprints in Charlottesville. For example, he himself designed his famous residence, Monticello, and personally labored on it during construction. A gentleman, atheist, illuminist, writer, architect, lover of gadgetry and technological innovations, Jefferson was equally a great admirer and lover of Italian art and culture. “Monticello” – his choice of name – could be one of Palladio’s villas in the Venetian hinterland. But at Monticello, doors opened automatically, the clock showed the time and days of the week, and the master bed’s design enabled the illustrious sleeper, when awakening, to efficiently choose which of two rooms to walk into.

Jefferson died on the 4th of July, 1826, exactly 50 years after the Declaration of Independence. He wrote the words for the gravestone, “Here Was Buried Thomas Jefferson, Author Of The Declaration Of American Independence, of The Statute Of Virginia For Religious Freedom, and Father of the University Of Virginia.” (in Charlottesville).

Jefferson is not directly relevant to the recent turmoil of Charlottesville, but his spirit is, as embodied in the first amendment of the American Constitution, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

For, as I will try to show, Charlottesville was a well-designed operation to further constrain and constrict the freedom of expression.

For reasons too long to be properly here documented, there has arisen a global movement, effectively a project whose aim is not only to re-write the history of the United States, but to substitute our current civilization with another, sexually neutral, LGBT, unirace, miscegenated, without religion or values other than those of unbridled neo-liberal capitalism and – to add with bitterness – of the most degrading and horrifying Hollywood pornography.

In Italy and Europe, the biblical migration from Africa is one clear and irrefutable expression of the phenomenon. Designer of the plan was the founder of the European Union, Coudeneuve-Kalergi, who exposed the project in his book in German, titled “Praktischer Idealismus,” never translated in other languages, due to the influence of occult powers. However, meaningful extracts in English are currently readable on line at

The design was not perhaps discovered as soon as it was formed, and was certainly not opposed as soon as it was discovered.

As it is now well known, the Charlottesville rally was to be a peaceful protest against the re-writing of US history – embodied in the planned removal of the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from the square named after him, and recently renamed “Emancipation” Square.

However, this most recent revisionism is a curious corollary, paradoxical only in appearance, of the global movement I referred to.

It is unpleasing to represent our affairs to our own disadvantage; yet it is necessary to show the evils, which we desire to be removed.

In the confusions of politics, through the meanders of occult power and of this power’s reflection on current American culture, the so-called neo-liberals carry a leftist label. They are actually ugly, deadly and sinister, but have no connection with the historical left. It is a left practicing a new kind of extreme right policies. I call them ‘liberaloids,’ for of liberalism, let alone liberality, they have little, not to say nothing. The liberaloids have been corralled and driven to become serfs, waiters, minions, lackeys, valets and butlers of the gloomiest reaction.

Reaction represented in turn, by the so called neo-con(servatives), a euphemism for ramping Zionists, warmongers, Israel-firsters and political backbone of militarism, financialization of the economy, cancellation of history and of the traditional values of family, nationality and tradition, abolition of borders, elimination of the middle class and reverse class-struggle.

Emblematic creature of the liberaloids is the woman whose sole name blisters my tongue (4),  representative of individual, family and political corruption such as to perhaps confine even the Borgias to the second division of crooks and crookedness. Who is interested may read the blog, “The Clintons’ War on Women.”

But how do you convert a class of activists and demonstrators agitating in movements such as “Occupy Wall Street,” and “99%” – how do you convert them into paladins of the enemy they fought, only a short time before?

Elementary, though the operation infers and suggests the unseen presence of influential prompters and powerful puppet-masters.

With skills suggestive of Edward Bernays, Freud’s nephew and founder of the modern Cretins-Catcher technology, you switch the playing cards on the table, in the middle of the game.

Instead of falling salaries, unemployment, miserly paid jobs in the ‘sharing’ economy, the intractable issue of public health, the privatization of prisons and the prison industry, the impossible costs of education, the price of perpetual wars, the class-abyss created by the financialization of the economy – …. instead of all this, the same latter-day demonstrators agitate for the rights of homosexuals to marry, for transgender toilets, for uncontrolled immigration, and revolt against police brutality and historic racism, embodied in statues of Confederate characters and not only. Maybe the Coliseum in Rome is next in line.

Hence groups, platoons and squadrons of demonstrators, ignoring and ignorant of being manipulated, become victims of obscure projects for some new American-something. And of diabolical ideological machines, of which they are itinerant wheels and unsuspecting cogs. As if 9/11 were not enough.

A long prelude to the chronicles of the ugly Saturday of Charlottesville, but I will ask of the reader one more pinch of patience.

I believe that no one likes having to deal with the police. In the US the problem is worse, for when a policeman confronts a citizen, white, black, brown, red, or yellow, the policeman doesn’t know whether the citizen is armed or not.

Policing is a thankless job and some policemen, statistically few, have proven unworthy of trust, to use a euphemism. However, in arm confrontations with the police, more whites are killed than blacks. For example, in 2016, 963 people were killed in confrontations with the police. Of these,

465 were white
233 black
160 latinos
the balance belonging to other ethnicities

and 135 officers died in the line of duty.

There are fewer blacks than whites in the US. Therefore, the percentage of victims does not reflect the numerical differences among the population. However, for well-known and un-remedied causes, blacks are statistically more exposed or participants in the type of criminality ending in a police confrontation. Nevertheless, in the collective imagination, ably molded by the liberaloid media machine, the impression is left that the police only kills blacks.

Impression and message embodied in the movement “Black Lives Matter,” prominent among the counter-demonstrators in Charlottesville.

For sure and by all means, all lives are sacred independently of color. But to color the “Black Lives Matter” movement with suspicion, is its economic affiliation with sources controlled by the hyper-Zionist Soros, world-wide manipulator of national currencies, notorious financier of orange revolutions, patron of NGOs and provider of ships collecting and ferrying African migrants to Europe.

Reacting against the liberaloid, globalist process, a movement has grown, however diluted, dispersed and without political representation. Its members are mostly whites, but they are no nazis, racists or suprematists – though thus defined by the liberaloid media, which ever relies on vociferation rather than argument.

The movement aims at equal treatment for all, and laments that in the near future, through massive uncontrolled immigration, whites will be a minority. In turn, when this will happen, the Kalergi plan will be irreversible – assuming but not conceding that a reversal may still be possible.

Thanks to the liberaloids, the term ‘white’ has acquired a racist, though totally unjustified connotation. It is as if, in Italy, for example, those wishing to keep Italy Italian and limit the limitless biblical immigration from Africa, were ‘fascists’, ‘nazis’, ‘racists,’ ‘suprematists,’ willing and wanting to disparage or dominate presumed inferior races.

On the eve of the Charlottesville turmoil, students at the University of Virginia organized a peaceful torch procession on university ground.

Some students carried signs with the script, “White Lives Matter.” It was enough for the TV liberaloid media, helped by the mayor of Charlottesville, the Talmudist Signer, to misrepresent the students as ‘white suprematists’ and ‘members of the Ku Klux Klan.’

Organizing the rally proper were various local movements, such as the “League of the South” and “Unite the Right.” I have no personal interest or affiliation with any. Prompting my interest, as I said, was the campaign for the removal and destruction of memories, emblems and monuments remembering the Civil War and the Confederation.

At first, mayor Signer denied the permit for the rally. The organizers then appealed to the County tribunal. The denial was reversed and a permit granted.

During the preceding weeks, via the web, the organizers had invited as many people as possible to attend, including families with children. Assuring that the planned rally was to be absolutely peaceful, with the only aim of demonstrating against the removal of monuments and the re-writing anew of US history.

On the day of the rally, the counter-demonstrators had no permit, which gave the police the right (and the duty) to disperse them, especially if they were violent.

The planned meeting place was a square in the “Lee Park”, recently renamed “Emancipation Square,” where the statue of General Robert E. Lee is still standing. The plan included speeches by various representatives. However, even before the demonstration began, the police declared that no loud-speakers brought to the square, could be used. Hence no speeches, which equates to deprive the demonstration of a good part of its content. For the record, the authorized demonstrators were about five thousand.

Besides, for reasons still unknown, the police had set up barriers, so that the legal demonstrators were constricted through one opening, while being exposed and targets of attacks by counter-demonstrators, who arrived even before their supposed enemies.

Clearly programmed for violence, they began their attacks with baseball bats, cement-filled beer-cans, pepper-spray launchers, plastic bags filled with urine and feces.

Unexpectedly, the police declared the (authorized) rally immediately terminated. The demonstrators, uncertain about what to do next, lingered for a while in the park. Then they left, passing through the same gate that exposed them to the violence of the counter-demonstrators.

According to a contact of mine, some policemen unofficially admitted to be under order to stand down. Hearsay is not judicial evidence. But in the following video,

we can see a typical American big boy, with a confederate flag, militarily saluting the statue of General Lee, being surrounded and insulted by several liberaloid demonstrators. While the police is escorting him away, you can hear him saying, “I want to honor my ancestors – and let it be known that we did NOT fight to maintain slavery and oppression.”

The more interesting part of the video is at the end, when a policeman says to a demonstrator who continues to insult the big boy up to the door of the car, “You wish to have repeated what happened last Saturday. You should be ashamed of yourself.” Which gives credibility to the declaration by the policeman the previous Saturday (to have received orders from above to stand down).

Now to the incident of the woman crushed between two cars. For this, even my contacts who were present could not verify the details. Most will have watched the video of the car crashing on the one in front. The unfortunate victim was crushed between the car that was hit and the next in front.

Apparently, the twenty-year old driver, was attempting to run away from counter-demonstrator who had identified him as an enemy. His estimated speed was 20-25 miles/hr. In fact the collision did not make the car un-drivable. He drove in reverse and was able to escape, at least temporarily. Had he had a massacre in mind, he could have done as the Islamist terrorists did in Barcelona and elsewhere.

I repeat, precise documentation and circumstances need verification, but the dynamics and the visual evidence of the episode suggest the description and the narrative to be coherent.

Now to the consequences of the turmoil and the issue of freedom of speech. I believe the key points to be:

  1. All the major networks hurled furious accusations of racism, fascism, Nazism and violence, attributed to the “white suprematists” present at the event – who “caused three deaths.” Two of the three were police officers whose helicopter crashed 7 miles away from Charlottesville, but for the regime-networks accuracy is irrelevant.” And they also reproached Trump for having condemned “violence by both parties.” Given that the White House is in a permanent state of siege by the liberaloids, the declaration showed a certain courage.
  1. None of the legal demonstrators was allowed to intervene on TV to offer at least another point of view. The situation is reminiscent of the media fever just before the aggression of Iraq. When for hours, all channels repeated like parrots, “Saddam has weapons of mass destruction.” With zoom-ins on Colin Powell at the UN, showing a vial filled with white liquid, peddled as a sample of Iraqi chemical weapons. Powell’s subsequent declaration, “That episode has remained on my conscience” has been lost in the fog of history to be forgotten. And if I were an Iraqi or a family member of a soldier killed or maimed in that war I would suggest to Colin Powell to stick his conscience in a place that I will forbear to mention out of my inviolable respect for the ladies.
  1. A recent phenomenon has occurred, somewhat predictable but relatively unexpected. Trump’s victory completely discredited the liberaloid media. Shocked by the failure, as we know, they found nothing better than to blame Russia for the harpy’s defeat and Trump’s victory. More bullshit of unfathomable depth, but this time with consequences, as per the next point.
  1. However statistically small, the number has increased, of those who get their news from alternative sources, such as the, The Greanville Post, RT, and others. Furthermore, videos and photos taken from the proverbial man of the street often blatantly contradict the liberaloid media version.

To stem the damage, the mastodons controlling the Internet are doing their utmost to block the voices of opposition through censure, however prohibited by the First Amendment.

To bypass the obstacle, they have invented, as you know, the idea of ‘hate speech’ and ‘fake news’. Therefore, it is sufficient to label as ‘hate speech’ information unpalatable to the liberaloids and the Talmudists, for the hosting provider to be compelled to discontinue the service to the targeted site.

Already several sites displeasing to the Cabal, have been shut down or prevented from selling books, and/or accepting credit card donations from viewers. As per the Saker’s analysis

In essence, a revolution from above is under way, of nefarious consequences, if carried out to its purposed end. Further considering that the liberaloids see in Trump an enemy of the “Kalergi Plan,” applied to America. And from their mouths flow the poison of rancor and the saliva of hatred.

Judging by his actions, Trump has already paid a price for condemning the “violence from both sides” in Charlottesville. As we know, he just announced the dispatch of several thousand more soldiers to Afghanistan, to continue that perpetual war. People at large have not yet forgotten his electoral commitment to end foreign wars. Trump announced the new initiative to troops attired in battle fatigue – underscoring their role as powerless pawns in the pantomime, ready to sacrifice life and limb for the benefit of the Unmentionables and of Greater Israel.

We have here incontrovertible evidence that absurdity is the mother of paradox. For the enemy requiring readiness for combat is not in Afghanistan but at home. An enemy for which uniforms and battle accouterments are useless, as the war must be fought using not weapons but unity, dignity, vision, understanding and common sense.

Furthermore, timing and circumstances make it impossible not to infer that sending more troops to Afghanistan is a qui-pro-quo. That is, appeasing the warmongers, as a concession by Trump for having declared the undeclarable – that in Charlottesville “both sides” were responsible for the violence. Maybe someone could remind Trump that the history of yielding to blackmail is full of nasty endings.

In summary, the prelude, the play and the denouement of the Charlottesville rally, the toppling of monuments, the renaming of streets, the removal of flags, and now the illegal censure are indexes. And though maybe still small prickles, compared to their subsequent volumes, they are the baby face of the giant mass of things to come at large, (5) the last act of an unthinkable play in which we all are spectators, actors and victims.

The White House enemies of the goy are, among other things, very skilled at smelling trouble ahead of time. Clearly, all the world is a (TV) stage, and millions of viewers are still merely suckers (6), willing and ready to grant entrance and no exit to the monumental excrement delivered from the screen.

Nevertheless, times are changing. The enemy senses the rebellious wave of those no longer slave to the media-yoke, who have chosen alternatives. Censorship is the enemy’s ultimate weapon, as he holds the keys to the gates that keep the reason prisoner (7). Hardened by impudence, sheltered by hypocrisy, unrestrained by arrogance, the enemy is confident of victory. After all he persuaded millions to believe that a few fumbling Arabs did 9/11.

Though we are still trying to find how, it is up to us, the other America, to prove him wrong.

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