After Charlottesville – The Unknown and Already Forgotten Story

In the previous and most recent blog, ( I said there were still some unclear issues about the events in Charlottesville, particularly regarding the death of the 32-year old Heather Heyer.

What I further found and here report is telling, especially considering that on September 13, 2017, the US Congress sent a “resolution” to Trump, who signed it, “SJ Resolution 49,” which says,

“Condemning the violence and domestic terrorist attack…. in Charlottesville… recognizing the first responders who lost their lives monitoring the events, (helicopter crash), offering deepest condolences to families and friends of those individuals who were killed, and deepest sympathies and support for those individuals who were injured by the violence, expressing support for the community, rejecting white nationalists, white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, neonazis and other hate groups and urging the President & the president’s cabinet to use all available resources to address the threat posed by those groups.”

This was unanimously signed by everyone in the Congress – the same that unanimously approved the genocides in Gaza, because, in the lingo of the Israelis, “we must mow the lawn every now and then.”

Note that in the “Resolution” the actual terrorists (“Black Lives Matter,” “Antifa”) transported to Charlottesville to literally attack the legally approved demonstrators, are not even mentioned.

More than a resolution it sounds like propaganda, and every propaganda reveals the nature of the people who create it.

As for the young woman who died when a car driven by a demonstrator crashed against the one in front, what I outline here is supported by actual videos and even by the words of her mother.

The official news channels, ever ready to submit sense to sound, did not report but did not deny these further related findings. Considering that the MSM construes opinions as facts and facts as opinions when they don’t agree with the master’s voice, its silence is almost an endorsement.

On the other hand, Charlottesville did as much political and social damage as it could be expected from the organized melee. Now noisy turbulence and popular clamors are abated. The novelty that captivates the superficial and the thoughtless is no longer, nor is the vehemence that delights the disturbed and the discontented.

As we know, everything can be believed if often and adequately repeated, for words mold perception. The French philosopher Fontenelle, a late 1600 precursor of Voltaire, used to say that that if twenty philosophers shall resolutely deny that the presence of the sun makes the day, whole nations may adopt the opinion.

In the instance of Charlottesville, opinions not propagated by reason, but caught by contagion, have already been imprinted in the masses’ minds. No need for correction, when correction would unmask the imposture. As King Henry VI said on the subject,

“Commanded always by the greater gust;
Such is the lightness of you common men.” (1)

Heather Heyer did not die crushed between two vehicles. Rather, in the turmoil and confusion caused by the oncoming car, she fell with others on the side of it. The actual cause of her death was a heart attack. The following should be noted,

** The pictures of the woman shown by the regime media after the incident, were taken when she was between 13 and 20 years old (photo A)







** Heather Heyer weighed about 400 lb (photo B). It is an estimate and it is unfortunate to deal with what, in other circumstances, should not be thought of and certainly not spoken of. Unfortunately against wilfully distorted MSM reporting, visual evidence is sometimes necessary to set the record straight.








** The medical personnel who rushed to the scene placed her on a stretcher and tried to resuscitate her. For a few seconds they succeeded, but her heart did not hold. (photo C)






** The young man driving the incriminated car was attempting to escape from the assailers. Who, as you can see from this 10 sec video,

chase and attack the car with sticks and baseball bats, even crushing the wind screen. The driver attempts to drive away in reverse.

As I said, followers of TV gossip had an opportunity to observe more closely an important related character, namely the mother of Heather Heyer, Susan Bro – interviewed by a TV media-personality called Ellen DeGeneres.

Here is the mother’s statement.

“The very last message was on August the 3rd. We didn’t talk all the time ’cause we knew each other was there. But on August the 3rd at 3:55 p.m., she texted me at work and said, ‘What’s your social? What year were you born?’ I told her, and I said, ‘Why [do] you need to know?’ And she said, ‘Well, I’m filling out an insurance policy and I want to make you the beneficiary,’”
“And I said, ‘Well, okay, but don’t die. I’d rather have you than the money,’” she continued. “And she said, ‘Lolol I’ll try not to.’ That’s the last thing I said to her. So I’m glad I was able to tell her I love her, but I miss her dreadfully.”

That the event was a tragedy is undisputed. But it is impossible not to wonder why a young 32-year old woman would decide to buy a life insurance, just days before dying. Falling on the ground is rarely a cause of death, and not something to cause a heart attack. The matter is doubly strange for, should the victim have disclosed to the insurers an existing heart condition, she would not probably have obtained the insurance. And if she did not, it would be presumably a form of fraud, which would enable the insurers to challenge or refuse the payment.

Among other violent episodes in Charlottesville, some readers may have heard of the man who used a home-made flame-thrower to attack a “white suprematist” (photo D).

Given the current political-judicial atmosphere, it is plausible to assume that if the flame-throwing man had been a white demonstrator, he would now be in jail, accused of a hate-crime and attempted murder or similar. In jail, instead, is one of the authorized demonstrators who, to intimidate and deter the flame-thrower, shot a bullet to the ground with his revolver. The charge? Discharging a firearm within 1000 feet from a school.

Yet, this is how “The New Yorker” describes the flame thrower. The piece is titled “An Image of Revolutionary Fire at Charlottesville,” and is penned by a “Doreen St. Félix”, defined somewhere else on the web as one of the best writers of the new age.


Two men extend weapons: one is the Confederate flag, furled, hiding its retrograde design, and the other is an aerosol can, modified to eject fire. The figures stand in a classical configuration, on the diagonal, as if a Dutch master has placed them just so. The white supremacist, a little stout, is dressed in a sloppy kind of uniform; his mouth is puckered as he strains to threaten his adversary. He waves his flag strenuously, an incoherent blur. The mob behind him looks on, seemingly timid.
His opponent, a black man who was recently identified as the twenty-three-year-old Corey Long, is, by contrast, a figure of elegance. Long is shirtless; movement serves only to define his muscles. The line from his leg to the fire he sprays is unbroken. The bottom half of his face is obscured by a mask, but his pose telegraphs confidence: he seems almost relaxed. An old man hunches behind him, as if taking shelter. Compared to his foe, Long handles his instrument easily, and wittily—when that flag catches on fire, the supremacist will be carrying the sacrilege that he fears. The photo recalls the mysterious serenity of historical images of self-defense…

In other words, the flame thrower is a “figure of elegance, shirtless, movement serves only to define his muscles.” The attacked is “a little stout, dressed in a sloppy kind of uniform… “ This is detestable drivel. It suggests a whore selling everything to the highest bidder.

This journalist deserves to be told, “You are not worth the dust, that the rude wind blows in your face.” (2)

Let’s now return to the nation-wide campaign to deface and destroy monuments of national historic figures, and to the Congress’ “Resolution,” signed by Trump. Notice that the “Resolution” makes no mention of the ongoing defacement of monuments.

It is difficult to ignore, in the organized and well-staged riots, one more episode of ongoing attacks against the US population of European origin.

For the “revolution” of Charlottesville – so similar to other “color revolutions”, but in a domestic version – also helps indirectly to increase the fake “public-opinion” pressure on Congress to grant the famous “amnesty” to illegal aliens – a measure inroduced by senator Jarvis in 1965 who sponsored and pushed through the measure that “opened the gates” to unlimited immigration from third world countries.

It is then clear to see the thread, the trend, the plot and the objectives. The Europeans are “suprematists” and “racists.” To oppose them it is necessary to increase the number of non-European immigrants, to fight the racist threat.

Not long ago, Patrick Buchanan, at one time a candidate to the presidency, said that, by applying the “family re-unification clause,” an immigrant can succeed in importing up to 237 relatives.

By passing the “amnesty” measure, the time will be nearer when the European ethnic component in the US will be a minority. Which is a stated objective of the plan by the Zionist Coudeneuve-Kalergy in his book, “Praktischer Idealismus” – where he advocates a miscegenated universal negroid race.

It is impossible to ignore the efforts at instilling ethnic hatred against Americans of European origin. Even the sudden contempt for historical figures cannot be the fruit of popular inventiveness. In an environment where people at large cannot distinguish Austria from Australia (to quote Putin), history is even dimmer than geography, in the minds at large.

Somebody must have come up with the idea of hating (what are considered) national heroes and of destroying their monuments. Past records of similar phenomena give us a clue as to the probable source – a well-funded think-tank, via the variable weather of some academic mind, the flying vapors of incipient madness, which from time to time cloud reason, without completely eclipsing it.

We all know the limitations of historical figures – personally, for example, I nourish little sympathy for Columbus. But destruction of monuments will not change history – for if it were so, we should certainly dynamite the Pyramids or pull down the Coliseum in Rome, to name but two.

Therefore, the sudden hatred of statues, flags and monuments can logically be explained as the component of a war of sorts against Americans of European ethnicity.

As another example of hatred instigated towards Americans of European ethnicity, watch to your disgust the following masterpiece, by a rapper called “xxxtentacion.” The rap opens (from 0m10sec to 0m52sec), with a bunch of black students killing their white teacher Then (from 2m10sec to 3m33sec). a black man, with the help of a black boy hangs a white boy about 10-year old.

Incidentally, “xxxtentacion” recently spent several months in jail for hitting a pregnant woman and other various charges.

The “success” of “xxxtentacion” and of his ilk is not spontaneous. There is an “invisible hand” that creates all this.

There is also one other extant and clear proof of a war against Europeans at large. Against those who dare to inform the people via alternative Internet channels, the social media information monopolies are fighting a fierce battle. For it is important that the masses be unaware. To this end, the monopolies are doing what they can to block sources of alternative information.

Monopolies can shut down sites, as reported recently, manipulate search engine codes, and even hamper or impede voluntary contributions by supporters to Internet sites and stations they dislike – in clear violation of the “First Amendment” of the Constitution on freedom of speech.

Orwell could not have envisioned a situation more consonant to his “1984”

** (1) King Henry VI, part 3
** (2) King Lear

Image Sources.
photo A
photo B The smartphone source image has disappeared from the web, but this more recent photo of Heather Heyer, in which she is posing for the camera,( conforms in general appearance to the image in photo B and to the person on the stretcher in photo C
photo C
photo D


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