War among Poor

An image of migrants unloaded from a boat in the MediterraneanAfter Berkeley’s war and fitful fever of destructive demonstrations, the mob sleeps well, or so it seems. As equally well sleep the millions who joined the women’s recent ‘spontaneous’ marches worldwide.

These demonstrations (and other similar), are actually atheistic masses, to dupe common sense and satisfy facade rebelliousness or a desire-to-belong. Of the throng who took part in them it can rightly be said that “… if they love they know not why, they hate upon no better a ground.”

For, in a recurrent reversal of reality, those who question the ‘spontaneous’ demonstrations are labeled as “Trump Supporters.” Whereas for millions, the only thing good that can be said about Trump is that he is not worse. For the alternative was a most vomit-prompting prospect – a totally unprincipled woman, a high priestess of hypocrisy, with the morality of a serpent, a heart of stone and a heartless libertine as a husband. (read “The Clintons’ war on women”).

Nevertheless, many, while judging the demonstrations according to their personal ideology, forget or ignore that few demonstrations are spontaneous (especially on this scale). And that, though we wish to think otherwise, all meaningful mass-events are organized from above. Yes, even revolutions, though the revelation that a revolution was not ‘spontaneous,’ clashes with the cherished belief in the nobility of purpose of people at large, and in the collective courage for a higher cause.

And when evidence shatters belief, many deny the evidence, and gradually belief acquires the power of myth.

John Hancock was the founder of the first “NGO” in the still-British America of the 1770s. His were the first funds to buy ammunition for the revolution. Hancock’s uncle had prospered from massive contraband. When British-imported tea, even with the tax, became cheaper than imported contraband, it became necessary to rebel against tyranny. Quite apart from the ominous prospect of the impending abolition of slavery, which England would no doubt extend to the colonies. (see video of the third episode of the War of 1812).

Or take the mythical French Revolution. A Scottish academic of the time, John Robison, studied some related documents. His book, “Proof of a Conspiracy” is even readable online. He says that the “Regiment des Flandres,” sent to Versailles to protect the royal family was bribed 45,000 livres to disband, but they refused. However, the Duke of Orleans, Grand Master of French Grand Orient Masonry, paid 50,000 livres to bribe the “Gardes Francoises.” And the same Duke was seen distributing money out of a sack to 6000 proto-feminist women – the “Revolutionary Republican Citizen Women” marching toward the Town Hall to support the Jacobins.

All this does not negate the value of revolutions or that, sometimes though rarely, their ends differ from what those who funded them expected. In the instance, the French found everything wrong with a king and nothing wrong with an emperor.

But I digress. Besides women’s rights, the other current item of contention against Trump has to do, as we know, with immigration. That temporarily denying admittance to people of a few Islamic countries improves national security, requires imagination to understand how it does so. More important, I think, is the general subject of mass-migration. Here indeed, “all is uneven, and everything is left at six and seven.”

He who travels or returns to the US from abroad, is meticulously and carefully examined at the beginning and end of his journey. A passport expired by just one week can cause extensive questioning, delays, missed flights etc. But the alien who enters end resides in the country without documentation is the object of extraordinary sympathy, channeled through NGOs, churches and even Congress. Sympathy and consideration above and unequal to that shown to other national groups or classes well deserving of it – a notorious example are the Veterans.

It is impossible to separate ‘globalization’, integration’ and ‘abolition of borders’ from a wider project at large, called for simplification, the “New World Order.” Accessory goals of the New World Order are gender neutrality, women’s liberation, miscegenation, elimination of nations and languages, abolition of borders etc. (for the roots of the phenomenon see blog “A Tale of Two Pictures”)

And, well hidden under the cloak of sympathy and benevolence towards the undocumented migrants, is another unavoidable goal of the New World Order, the war among the poor.

In the US, for various political reasons, the no-border policy is officially forbidden while unofficially tolerated. In Europe, where a mass-migration policy exists de-facto, the war among the poor is ongoing.

Millions of people fight for scarce accommodations, underpaid jobs, border-criminal occupations and crowded suburbs, with limited assistance due to “austerity.” In progress is the south-americanization of the periphery in large European cities. And, given that migrants are more visible due to their number and appearance, they often receive better treatment than the other autochthonous poor.

Instances are too many to count. But as an example from Italy, in the day when the municipality of Milan offered $430.00 per month to any family who would host a migrant, in the same city a disabled Italian died in misery. He had survived on an allowance of $270.00 per month. And in another city an invalid Italian went on hunger strike, after his apartment was abusively occupied by a family from Morocco, that will not move unless the municipality provides them with an equivalent (free) accommodation. European newspapers at large offer similar examples in other nations.

In a now totally neo-liberal economy where curtailing social spending is a cardinal virtue the poor and the impoverished are understandably afraid of the arrival of the new hungry. Considering that the same system that promotes mass-immigration advocates the lowering of salaries as a public virtue and declares him guilty who, in a market where jobs don’t exist, cannot find one. With the result that the local disenfranchised compete with the imported desperate in a cannibalism of survival, and where ethnic and racial tensions are the outward expression of the war among the poor.

Complaint is useless, because, even at a skin level, many now realize that the mass-migration is not accidental, but a policy and the fruit of a system. In desperation, some jobless and impoverished locals even take their own life. As I write this article I read in a newspaper that a 30-year old unemployed Italian man from near Venice committed suicide. His parents said, “Michael was a young man of the lost generation, who lived as a personal defeat what for us is, instead, the defeat of a moribund society that devours its own sons. He was a graphic designer without steady employment (not for lack of trying). This generation is taking vengeance (with its own life) against the theft (by the neo-liberal ideology) of the generation’s pursuit of happiness.”

Here are sections from the letter Michael left for his parents,

“This is not the world that I should have been born into. It is a nightmare of problems. It is without meaning, without any guarantee, without any point of reference and now without any further prospect. I lived poorly for thirty year. Someone may say that 30 years is not long enough. But the limits of tolerance are subjective, not objective. I tried to be a good citizen, I made errors, I tried everything I could, I tried to find a meaning and a goal using my resources, I even tried to turn into an art my living in pain. I am tired of useless job interviews…I sent out many resumes. I am tired of efforts without results. I am tired of envying, tired to waste feelings, tired to ask myself what I could feel if I won, tired to justify my existence without being able to direct it. You may think this is madness, but it isn’t. It’s only delusion and I have no more will to live. I cannot impose my being, but I can deliver my absence. The nil absolute is better than an everything where you cannot be happy following your destiny. Please forgive me, mum and dad, but now I am again at home. I am fine.”

Those who think this to be an isolated instance would be misled. It is a tragic bubbling to the surface of a disease that runs deep. Thanks to the European Union, to austerity, and to the precarious nature of most jobs, 40-50 % of the work force among the young is unemployed.

There is a gigantic fraud and endless irresponsibility in a political program advocating a regime of austerity (excluding the politicians who advocate it), while launching humanitarian crusades to pick up migrants at their source. A program that plans the importing of half a million migrants per year and 30 million in 15 years.

Then, in the face of a humanitarian catastrophe affecting everyone, the same handsomely-paid advocates of the New World accuse the existing populace of xenophobia and of unjustified hatred. As if xenophobia and hatred were pathologies to be cured and not a consequence of the program for a New World Order.

The advocates and promoters of mass-migration practice philanthropy at the expense of someone else’s ass. But, unbeknown to the casual observer (and to most – I suspect – among those who participate in pro-migrant demonstrations,) this curious philanthropy is itself racist. I am not referring to islamophobia, which is the idiotic product of a criminally idiotic regime media. The “racism of the do-gooders” is directed at the very migrants. For it makes them part of a larger socio-economic design aimed at exploiting them.

To carry out this clearly criminal project the priests of the New World Order have invented some curious thesis – especially in Europe.

One is that we need to import the sperm of millions of desperate men, to populate a continent demographically stable or weak. Completely ignoring that it is not the lack of sperm but the lack of a steady job that prevents young (responsible) people from creating a family, unable to buy a house and lacking the means of basic sustenance. In fact and in vintage Orwellian lexicon, some European countries have called “job act” a law that eliminates any security and guarantee from the jobs.

For those among my 25 readers who may be shocked about what bubbles in the cauldron of the forthcoming New World Order, here is an extract from an article quoting Sarkozy when, as president of France, spoke to students at a French college. In his message, Sarkozy insisted that the French people must change, and that there would be dire consequences if they don’t… that not to intermarry is racially bad…. and that ,“If the French people don’t interbreed of their own free will, it will be necessary (for the Republic) to resort to even more forcible measures.” Pity that Sarkozy did not practice what he preaches, but that’s beside the point.

Another curious thesis is that Europe (in the instance Italy,) needs migrants to perform jobs that Italians are no longer willing to do (at those underpaid wages). A minimum of reflection will show that the reasoning does not significantly differ from that which justified the deportations of slaves into the United States. At the time, deportations were carried out with violence. Today the violence takes the form of war and/or exploitation. In the country of origin – exploitation lexically masked as ‘humanitarian wars’ or ‘humanitarian assistance’, the latter in the case of loans (debt), imposed on poorer nations in exchange for the ‘privatization’ of local resources. There is a whole literature explaining the phenomenon.

Furthermore, the idea that migrants do jobs that locals no longer wish to perform, is a perfect example of how to worsen a real problem (the lowering of salaries), with a false solution (immigration). If many jobs do not guarantee sufficient income to sustain a dignified life – notwithstanding that the market requires them and that they are often indispensable – the problem lies elsewhere. Namely, in the allocation of the fruits of labor. Fruits that, thanks to the implementation of neo-liberal ideology, moved from the productive base towards the top managers, the oligarchs, and/or the ever more restricted niche of large financial investors and their lackeys.

And if labor is worth ever less, we end up with a war among the poor where the winner is the one who buys labor, not the one who performs it. If there are 50 applicants for a poorly paying job, the employer will be able to pay even less.

Also, to advocate that some countries, the poorest, should be reservoirs of human flesh to relocate according to the needs of the less poor, crosses the bounds of racism to enter the realm of enslavement. Not only, but it shows a contempt for the right of these populations to live in peace and prosperity in their own countries.

The foregoing ideas should belong to an ideology that once-upon-a-time was called “Left.” Which would be, if those who define themselves as “leftists,” while advocating unlimited migration and open borders, had not been drugged by the opium of false moralism, or deceived by the PR machinery of the New World Order. Duped by the wind of words, they have become the very tools of those whom they think they fight against, and advocates of the new feudalism of the XXI century.

For we cannot combat poverty by importing the poor, slavery by importing slaves, and unemployment by importing the unemployed.

I have not included, among the pseudo-leftists, the hypocrites paid through the funds of the NGOs, and fitting the profile of another literary hypocrite, who reflected thus, “… Whiles I am a beggar, I will rail and say there is no sin but to be rich; And being rich, my virtue then shall be to say there is no vice but beggary.”

For some information and ideas expressed in this article the writer relied on threads provided by an anonymous philosopher. When that philosopher will reveal his name so will the writer

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