Shakespeare on the Growing Suspicions about 9/11

Suspicion all our lives shall be stuck full of eyes; For treason is but trusted like the fox, Who, ne'er so tame, so cherish'd and lock'd up, Will have a wild trick of his ancestors“Suspicion all our lives shall be stuck full of eyes;
For treason is but trusted like the fox,
Who, ne’er so tame, so cherish’d and lock’d up,
Will have a wild trick of his ancestors.”

(King Henry IV, part 1, act 5, sc. 2)

Comment. Almost 12 years after the event, we should think that the interest about the events of September 11, 2001 should have abated. Instead, though disregarded by the corporate media, the interest has grown and is growing. Regrettably (what is new?) the corporate media, from the beginning, has labeled any questioning of the official version of events as irrelevant, by coining words that incorporate contempt to define those who question the official line.
For example, the term ‘truther’ has been skillfully interpreted to define a delusional self-seeking individual who delights in ‘conspiracy theories’ by disregarding the evidence which the government has openly and honestly brought to the eyes of the citizens.
Now, irrespective of any conspiracy, the whole of the narrative of the event has huge gaps of evidence and of interpretation. Due to these gaps, a group of families of the victims of 911 have been asking for a long time for a criminal investigation of 911 – by means of petitions and other legal venues still available to the citizenry. Their effort so far has been quashed – the latest episode was a judge who declared null, void and ‘unconstitutional’ the citizens’ request – notwithstanding all rules were followed and complied with.
This site is not the place for discussing the details or the discussions about the tragedy. But I think that nobody disputes that 911 was a crime. And by law, the next step after a crime is a criminal investigation.
Common sense, apart from anything else, would suggest that, given the doubts raised by the official story in the minds of millions, a criminal investigation would be the most natural answer.
And the millions range in qualifications from the proverbial man in the street to scientists of unimpeachable pedigree. Add the 1400+ professional architects and engineers who have formed one such group calling for a criminal investigation and an investigation of the evidence as explained by the government report.
And apart from the scientific questions involved, the wars abroad and the repressions of freedom at home, justified as consequences of the event, seem to call and shout for a review of the matter.
For the benefit of the many international readers of this blog, the corporate media never reports on the initiatives briefly mentioned above, other than branding as contemptible ‘truthers’ those who question the official line.
Besides, many plainly incredible events connected with 911 are unknown to many – of these I will mention just the followings.
The 19 Saudis who conducted the hijacking were on the first passenger manifest when they flew from Maine to Boston, but do not appear in the subsequent passenger manifests of the planes in which allegedly they next flew.
One plane slammed into the South tower at 900 km/hour. And yet the passport of one of the hijackers was found intact on the street after the collapse of the tower, surviving the following fire and the inferno.
The plane who slammed into the Pentagon executed a maneuver which – according to several pilots’ account – is extraordinary, a 270 degrees precise turn and hitting the target while flying literally a few feet above the ground. And yet the alleged pilot was not deemed qualified to fly a Cessna by the school he attended, let alone a wide-body jet.
But let’s admit that he did it. The Pentagon has sequestered and deemed ‘official secrets’ the videos taken by the cameras in various adjacent buildings.
Let’s stop here, but we can understand those who keep calling for a criminal investigation. And the insistent refusal and corporate media silence cannot but increase the suspicions as reported by Shakespeare’s lines above.
Because, until an honest effort is made to explain the fantastic discrepancies embodied into the governmental accounts of 911, “Suspicion all our lives shall be stuck full of eyes; For treason is but trusted like the fox….”
Finally a word for some of the Linked-in followers. This blog is transmitted to a few Linked-in groups dedicated to writing. One follower questioned if some of the entries have anything to do with writing. The answer is… the best and still undisputed school of writing consists in careful reading of good writers and poets and in actually writing.
If the content of any blog stirs your enthusiasm or indignation, feel free to unsheathe your pen and hurl your objections in the comments. I am personally inured to the twin onslaughts of flattery and abuse and will not be offended if any reader disagrees with the content of any blog. As Mark Twain said, “In all matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane.” And – I am sad to report – there have been some who did not understand that Mark Twain was joking…
Those interested in the issue of this blog may like to watch the video by Niels Harris, chemistry professor emeritus at the University of Copenhagen. It is an interview given at the BBC, long but, I think, illuminating.

Suggestion for use.  Whenever you are asked to believe a preposterous story on faith rather than evidence.

In the play.  Henry IV has offered terms to the rebels. Worcester reasons why it would be unwise to accept the terms.

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