Shakespeare on Apologies from a Charming Woman

Thou mak’st faults graces that to thee resort. As on the finger of a throned queen, The basest jewel will be well esteemedThou mak’st faults graces that to thee resort.
As on the finger of a throned queen,
The basest jewel will be well esteemed.

(Sonnet 96)

Comment. Answer with these lines after whatever incident or occurrence that caused her to say ‘excuse me’. And given that flattery is the infantry of negotiations (Oscar Wilde), you have actually succeeded in bestowing on her the gift of royalty without appearing overly rhetorical, theatrical or plainly ridiculous.
Surprise works wonders in love and war. In the book, “Your Daily Shakespeare” see also the related entries, ‘Perfection, p. even in her shortcomings.’ – ‘Value, v. of object enhanced by owner’.
A forgiving, let-go attitude is always recommended. And here are some related suggestions from Ovid, (extracted also from ‘Your Daily Shakespeare’), “Chief above all does tactful indulgence win the mind; harshness causes hatred and angry wars. We hate the hawk because he ever lives in a warring mood, and the wolves that are wont to go against the timorous flock…the dowry of a wife is quarreling: but let your mistress ever hear welcome sounds.’
Equally, if you are poor, you should be prepared to tolerate from her more than you would otherwise. So again Ovid, “I am the poet of the poor, because I was poor when I loved; since I could not give gifts, I gave words. Let the poor man love with caution; let the poor man fear to speak harshly; let him bear much that the rich would not endure.” (Art of Love, book 2)

Suggestion for use.  As per comment.

In the sonnet.  Even in our age of (welcome) non-discrimination, for some it is somewhat awkward to admit that just about all the beautiful romantic lines in the Sonnets were directed at a young man. But given that romance is, by and large, gender neutral, it is accepted practice to use Shakespeare’s beautiful lines in addresses to the charming representatives of the gentle sex.

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