Shakespeare on Post Elections Silence

Silence that dreadful bell, it frights the isle From her propriety“Silence that dreadful bell: it frights the isle
From her propriety.”

(Othello, act 2, sc. 3)

Comments.  The clairvoyant power of the Oracle of Delphi was not necessary to guess the winner of the presidential elections. According to this webmaster one good thing about them now is that the associated noise has stopped. Had it been in his powers he would have given the same order as in the topic quotation. That continued dreadful noise has indeed frighted the country from her propriety.

Tips for Use.  When the meeting is continuously interrupted by a ringing phone or similar. Change ‘bell’ to ‘noise’ or ‘music’ as applicable.

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In the play. The perfidious Iago has engineered a brawl involving Cassio and Montano. An alarm bell sounds and the intervening Othello wants the noise (of the bell) to stop. The ‘isle’ is Cyprus where the action occurs.

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