Shakespeare on the Pretended Difference between Obama and Romney

the weight of a hair will turn the scales between their avoirdupois“…the weight of a hair will turn the scales between their avoirdupois.”
(King Henry IV part 2, act 2, sc. 4)

Comments.  Some of us cannot even watch a so called presidential debate – there are limits as to being able to endure hypocrisy. But reports and transcripts are available. They show the unbridgeable gulf between the corporate-controlled political system and the concerns of what has come to be called the average American. Obama never referred to or used the words “poverty” and “unemployment”.  They do not exist or, if they do, it is the fault of the poor or of the unemployed, fired after the company moved to Vietnam or Malaysia. Both candidates pledged their loyalty to Wall Street and praised capitalism as the greatest gift to mankind. According to Romney, “the genius of America is the free enterprise system.” Romney is the owner a huge personal fortune created by stripping the assets of companies. Of course, he repeatedly argued that the “private sector” had to be given free rein in every sphere of life, from job-creation to education to health care.
And in a specular case of honor among thieves, Obama never talked of Romney’s role as a corporate raider at Bain Capital, Romney’s refusal to release his tax returns, or his use of offshore investment accounts. Nor he referred to Romney’s declaration that the 47% – who are too poor and must depend on some government assistance – should not consider themselves “entitled” to food and lodging, let alone health care.
We could continue but the theme is the same, “Yes we can” – continue with wars, financial frauds and corporate gangsterism, of course ‘for the good of the nation’.
All of which proves that the weight of a hair (maybe) will turn the scale between Depublicans and Remocrats.

Tips for Use. If you concur with the pretense of non-existing difference between the two parties, the line lends the weight of poetry to the matter of fact.

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In the Play. According to Falstaff there is little difference between the Prince of Wales and Poins. — ‘Avoirdupois’ is a French form for ‘weight’

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