Shakespeare on Having Had Enough

I do condemn mine ears that have so long attended thee“I do condemn mine ears that have
So long attended thee.”
(Cymbeline act 1, sc. 6)

Comments.  The line accurately reflects how many people feel about the presidential debates or about whoever talks, comments, extols, criticizes, pontificates about one or the other candidate in the presidential election.
Politics is kept issue-less; the promise of political education is ignored by campaigns, which remain exercises in image building, paranoia, name-calling, and gossip-mongering. The fat cats want the political parties to produce ambitious exhibitionists willing to adopt as their own the pronouncements and policies the bipartisan power elite develops through its foundations, institutions, associations, and special committees.

Tips for Use.  Retort to a negative comment or to a nasty statement or speech from adversary.

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In the play. Imogen reject the abject advances of the abject Iachimo.

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