Shakespeare on Appearances, Deceit and the Presidential Elections

 Who makes the fairest show means most deceit“Who makes the fairest show, means most deceit”
(Pericles, act 1, sc. 4)

Comments. Which it is the ‘fairest show’ we cannot say. Certainly the pantomime-show of the presidential elections is, by any measure, spectacular. As for deceit, it is most extraordinary that so many still hold any credence on anybody and anything connected with the presidential and hollywoodian charade.
Obama will be re-elected with a vengeance, simply because no republican president could do what Obama has done and will continue to do, especially in regard to wars and implementing ‘liberistic’ programs.
Romney is a corporation running for president masquerading as a human being, but Obama is on a class of itself.
There is hardly a 2008 campaign promise that this administration has not broken. This included supporting the public health care option, closing Guantanamo, raising the minimum wage, regulating Wall Street, supporting labor unions, reforming the Patriot Act, negotiating an equitable peace in Palestine, halting imperial expansion in the Middle East, stopping torture, protecting reproductive rights, cutting the deficit by half, creating millions of new energy jobs and halting home foreclosures.
This is what he said of the right of collective bargaining, “I’d put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself, I’ll … walk on that picket line with you as president of the United States of America,” he said. The opposite of which was shown during the labor disputes in Madison, Wis., and in Chicago.
Fairest show then and fairest show now, no doubt. Deceit? The evidence is “palpable to thinking” for whoever wishes to think.

Tips for Use. A good line to use, whenever you see or detect hypocrisy

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In the play. A lord has brought news of the sighting of approaching ships. The lord thinks the ships appear to come in peace, but Cleon is suspicious. The fleet is Pericles’ who, having heard of the problems at Tharsus, has arrived with supplies.

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