Shakespeare on Zero Tolerance

I will be deaf to pleadings and excuses“I will be deaf to pleading and excuses; Nor tears nor prayers shall purchase out abuses” (Romeo and Juliet, act 3, sc. 1)

Comments.  Interesting expression, “Zero Tolerance”. It projects absolute and unyielding determination. That ‘zero’ brings the precision of mathematics into human affairs. Determination to stamp-out Tolerance and, by inference, to carry out Intolerance. The logical meaning of the sentence is dwarfed by the associated implication of righteousness in the intolerance of crime. But unthinking righteousness is also the favored state of mind of mankind. Which seems a preposterous thing to say, if past and present records did not offer related tactile evidence. Take the case of over-population. Every three seconds the earth gains a net of (3) humans. Assuming that you spend two minutes in reading these lines and quote. By the time you finish reading there will be 360 more people on earth. Every day there will be 25,800 more. No need to describe the consequences, evident to all. And yet, the righteous maintain that some male god a few thousand years ago told Adam and Eve to “go and multiply” indefinitely.
Or take the war on terror. Righteousness means that “terrorist” is he who is so defined by the State Department. And terrorism has nothing to do with the foreign policy of the US of A. The “Zero Tolerance” attitude on terror has led to some indirectly curious consequences as shown in this video by Jesse Ventura, who logically concludes that the terrorists have won.

Tips for Use. Show, with a touch of irony, your unyieldingness on whatever position you are holding or decision you have taken.

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In the play. The Prince of Verona is angry at finding Mercutio and Tybalt slain after he had banned dueling. Whereby he will implement more “Zero Tolerance” measures.

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