Shakespeare, Romney and Shamelessness

Shame where is thy blushO, shame, where is thy blush?
(Hamlet, act 3, sc. 4)

Comments and Tips for Use. Comment on any action, words or proposal with which you strongly disagree. In the instance, as we know, Republican presidential nominee Romney just released his 2011 tax returns, showing he paid 14% in taxes on $14 million of income last year. Good for him!
Mitt Romney is the embodiment of his class. He would cut the taxes of his peers by umpteen trillions over the next decade. And he would cut benefits that almost everyone else relies on — Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps, unemployment insurance, and housing assistance.
He is a champion of his class, displaying to his wealthy followers his contempt for “entitlement” program, namely Social Security for which working people pay for during their lives anyway.
Money means power. Concentrated wealth at the top means top concentration of political power. Romney pays a rate of only 14 percent on $14 million of income— a lower rate than many in the middle class.  This is thanks to a loophole allowing private equity managers to treat their income as capital gains, taxed at only 15 percent.
And that loophole exists because private equity and hedge fund managers contribute so much to the election campaigns via their lobbying agents. They donate to both parties, therefore neither party will remove it.
More realistically, Romney was made a presidential candidate because he does not have even a remote chance to win. Why? Because certain foreign policy measures – read wars and others – can only be carried out under a ‘democratic’ administration.
The war’s greatest profiteers are not silly enough to cut their feed line by electing someone whose crass and openly displayed contempt of the 99% may finally move the populace to seek some redress.
Better have in place the façade of a ‘democratic’ president who can do the dirty work for the profiteers without serious objections from the mass at large. Without counting the added benefit that the clever anglo-saxonization of a tiny black elite has helped convey the idea that racism is out and ‘equality’ is in.
No question, we live in the best of all possible worlds.
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In the play. Hamlet confront Queen Gertrude, his mother, whom he accuses of having married Hamlet’s uncle, just one month after the Hamlet’s father the king died.

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