Shakespeare on Bad Food and Bad Restaurants

thy food is as hath been belched on by infected lungs“… thy food is such
As hath been belched on by infected lungs.”

(Pericles act 4, sc. 6)

Comments. Excellent line to describe your disgust with a particularly bad restaurant, “Their food is such as hath been belched on by infected lungs.” Truth and tales abound about bad restaurants and bad food, depending also on taste, habit and fickleness of the judge. The inimitable William Cowper, for example, describes the following episode in a letter to Lady Hesketh, in Nov 1787, “A poor man begged food at the Hall lately. The cook gave him some vermicelli soup. He ladled it about some time with the spoon, and then returned it to her, saying, I am a poor man, it is true, and I am very hungry, but yet I cannot eat broth with maggots in it.”
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In the play.  The beautiful and virtuous Marina, through the action of evil people and pirates ends up in brothel. Here she immediately takes up a program of  radical reformation. Here Marina upbraids one of the brothel’s guardians, named Boult, by pointing out but one of the pitfalls of the establishment. Boult is moved and will help Marina escape.

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