Shakespeare, Teachers and how to Answer by not Answering

To teach a teacher ill beseemeth me“But pardon me, I am too sudden-bold
To teach a teacher ill beseemeth me.”
(Love Labour’s Lost act 2, sc. 1)

Tips for use. Perfect answer when you do not want to answer – especially when requested for advice that you do not want to give,  ‘To teach a teacher ill beseemeth me’. Excellent during political debates, management debates and exchanges and whenever you wish not to show your metaphorical cards. However, if education inspires you with awe, not everyone agrees. “A I remember twenty years since he (Sir Henry Blount) inveighed against sending youths to the Universities… because they learned there to be debaucht, and that the learning that they learned there they were to unlearn again, as a man that is buttoned or laced too hard, must unbutton before he can be at his ease.” (John Aubrey (1626-1697), Brief Lives
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In the play. The Princess teases the King who has come to visit her. She has heard of his oath and tells him that to keep that oath is a sin as it is a sin to break it. Then she corrects herself suggesting that it is not proper for her to advise a teacher.

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