Shakespeare and How to Invite Patience

Sprinkler sprinkling patience on anger“…Upon the heat and flame of thy distemper
Sprinkle cool patience.”
(Hamlet act 3, sc. 4)

Tips for Use.  Good put down during a corporate meeting where bullies are not exempt from presence or attendance. Ask the enraged party to calm down. It may or may not get the distempered participant to moderate his tones, but the sally may get some recognition from the more intelligent colleagues. Good for a politician too attending a town hall meeting, where pent-up citizen anger often finds an outlet for expression. Equally, a line to keep in store, possibly at a job interview, if you are asked how you deal with conflict. E.G. “I try first to defuse the situation and say, “upon the heat…. cool patience”,  or similar.”
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In the play. Queen Gertrude sees Hamlet seemingly addressing the Ghost and thinks that he is ‘distempered’ or mad.

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