Shakespeare, Macbeth, Greed and Power

When greed and power become a religion, quote from Macbeth“… And my more having would be as a sauce
To make me hunger more: that I should forge
Quarrels unjust against the good and loyal,
Destroying them for wealth.”
(Macbeth act 4, sc. 3)

Tips for Use.  A suitable example and a warning about greed, given that greed feeds on itself. The first part of the quote, “and my more having would be as a sauce to make me hunger more” applies across the board with specific reference to the 1%.  The self compounding hunger for more, points to those whom Gatewood Galbraith defined as the “”Petrochemical-Pharmaceutical-Military-Industrial-Transnational-Corporate-Fascist-Elite-Sons of Bitches“. Gatewood Galbraith was a candidate for governor in Kentucky. The “Occupy Wall Street” Movement is the expression of the disgust simmering among the multitude. Wonderful idea (the Occupy Movement), whose effect so far has been platonic but for the arresting and the jailing of a good number of activists by the police. Things will have to sink still lower before a reaction can set in.
The depression of the1930s that followed the crash of 1929 brought the USA the closest they ever have been to a revolution. It was avoided thanks to the social initiatives of the Roosevelt administration. They relieved the actual hunger of millions by employing them in the Conservation Core. And by launching the Social Security initiative, securing a meager pension to retired workers so that they would not have to die in utter poverty and anti-Roosevelt cartoon of the 1930sdejection.  Wall Street and the 1% of the time did not like these measures at all and accused Roosevelt of communism, comparing him to Stalin as in the displayed cartoon.
WWII halted the debate but the 1% never forgot the lesson and ever since the 70s they have been dismantling the gains of the so-called New Deal.
The second part of the quote about forging “quarrels unjust” is a metaphor for the endless wars, the ever increasing Pentagon and defense spending, the ever deadlier weapons and the police state measures to keep the people in fear. Consequently, the 1% can impose the “American century” on the world, “destroying them (the American citizens and others) for wealth”.
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In the play.  In conversation with Malcolm, designated successor to the soon to be vanquished Macbeth, portrays himself worse than what he is to test the reaction of Macduff, another enemy of Macbeth.

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