Shakespeare and the idea of Time

 Time, the measure of everything“….the end crowns all,
And that old common arbitrator, Time,
Will one day end it.”
(Troilus and Cressida act 4 sc.5)

Tips for Use.  A more original and elegant alternative to the classical, “ que sera’ sera’ “. When the debate as to what may or may not happen cannot be resolved. Equally, an appropriate comment to underscore the current political and economical situation. Not to inspire e fatalistic or nihilistic attitude towards it; rather to realize that the needle of the scale is on a very narrow edge. The rampant globalization, unless checked by the popular will, can easily turn into a formidable instrument of destruction of an orderly social community (and creaks and crack in the system are heard and seen, notably in Europe.
Given the advances of technology a key factor of production is no longer needed, namely man. Politicians’ claims about “creating jobs” are meaningless, unless the very definition of ‘job’ is re-evaluated. Currently the creation of ‘jobs’ means often the arbitrary invention of ‘sine-cure’ and parasitic positions that produce absolutely nothing. Alternatively, the creation of some “financial” jobs whose objective not only is to create nothing, but to concentrate the wealth of the commonwealth into an ever more restricted number of hands. The hands of the Petrochemical-Pharmaceutical-Military-Industrial-Transnational-Corporate-Fascist-Elite-Sons of Bitches, as the late Gatewood Galbraith called them. Avoiding this would be possible were it not that all the weapons of mass distraction have been discharged on the unthinking multitude, by the media, the churches, mass sports, mass entertainment, Hollywood mania, celebrity mania and a multitude of other brain-destructive enterprises. Of course, we cannot realize that ‘history’ happens as we live through it. All along the line the present is linked to the past and nowhere a clear-cut break is found.
For this reason “the end crowns all” and only time will tell us the of this curious historical transition to the post-industrial age where “society” no longer exists (according to Margaret Thatcher). And where instead of nations there is a 1% population strata imposing power and will on all the others.
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