When she is really angry….

Elegant Shakespearean quote to deal with an angry wife“More wonderful when angels are so angry”. (King Richard III, act 2, sc. 2)

Tip for Use. Perfect repartee when your wife, girlfriend or significant other is mad at you and she shows it. After delivering the line keep in mind and remember the principle of compliance, consisting in your (apparent) compliance with all her wishes. On this issue the Latin poet Ovid suggests,  ‘I do not bid you arm and climb the forests of Maenalus*, nor carry nets upon your neck; nor do I bid you offer your breasts to flying arrows; a cautious lover will find the precepts of my art easy.  Yield if she resists; by yielding you will depart the victor; only play the part she bids you to play. Blame if she blames; approve whatever she approves. Affirm what she affirms and deny what she denies. If she laughs, laugh with her; if she weeps, remember to weep; let her impose her laws upon your countenance’ (Ovid, Art of Love, book 2)

* The Maenalus mountain range is in Arcadia in the center of the Peloponnese (Greece). The mountains were said to be sacred to the God Pan. Pan, son of Zeus, was the Greek God who looked after shepherds and their flocks.

In the play.
Richard of Gloucester, who has slain Clarence, Anne’s husband, is now trying to woo her. The exchange in itself has some other amusing quoting possibilities, as you can find in the book “Your Daily Shakespeare”.

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