Brutus is an honourable man

Julius Caesar quote lines mentioned by Antony“But Brutus says he was ambitious;
And Brutus is an honourable man.”
(Julius Caesar act 3 sc. 2)

Tips for Use. This is probably the second best known repartee by William Shakespeare. Perfect at the office when your opponent doggedly tries to derail your plans, whatever they may be, improvement, re-organization etc. As it often happens in the corporate and political world, he may be an idiot but circumstances have kept him in a place where he can do harm. That is, he is obtuse enough to be a menace, but not stupid enough to be innocuous.
Try for example, “Caruther says that the plan will fail and Caruther is an honorable man…” – and then continue to demonstrate the soundness of your scheme. Or adjust to your specific circumstances. You will find this and other entries in “Your Daily Shakespeare” listed under “Debate, disagreeing with skill.”

In the play. With a legendary performance of powerful oratory Antony destroys the plebe’s support for Brutus and his conspirators, after the assassination of Julius Caesar.

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