Your Home, Your Castle

shakespearean home and castle“This castle hath a pleasant seat; the air
Nimbly and sweetly recommends itself
Unto our gentle senses.” (Macbeth.1.6)

How to use. Here is an elegant means to pay a sincere and mildly flattering compliment to your host by relying one of the many and best Shakespearean quote. The size or nature of the house does not matter, just say “This house hath a pleasant seat…etc.”
In the play. he who pays the compliment is King Duncan, invited as a guest to the castle of Macbeth by Macbeth himself along with his notorious wife. Duncan, if he could, would have bitterly regretted the hospitality, as it is here in the castle of Duncinane that Macbeth murdered him.
You will find the quote in “Your Daily Shakespeare” at page 729 along with quotes to suit and fit more than ten thousand similar and different situations.

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