Break my Heart

a Shakespearean heart brokenBreak my heart
For I must hold my tongue (Hamlet, act 1, sc. 2)

How to Use. Short, pointed and one of the best Shakespeare lines when you want to convey that you strongly disapprove of what is going on but, for whatever reason, you must contain your anger.
It may apply to a quarrel with your wife or significant other. Or it may be useful at a corporate meeting when an asinine president makes a stupid remark that may or may not refer to you. Or a decision is taken that you know will wreck the company in a way or another. You can just utter it as is or use as an answer to “What do you think?” when he who asks the question expects you to erupt into a volley of angry remarks. “Break my heart, for I must hold my tongue” says it all and, in a way, you show more intelligence than the promoters of the stupid decision. You will find this quote in “Your Daily Shakespeare” at page 855 along with references to other Shakespearean alternatives in the same vein

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