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Washington’s Bastille

Trump’s supporters, having found the vanity of conjecture and inefficacy of expectations, resolved to prove their own existence, if not by violence, at least by physical presence. They came forth into the crowded capital with an almost juvenile ambition that their numbers would be counted, their voice heard and their presence noticed.

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Science and Fiction

In all mass phenomena it is uncertain whether to believe the scientists as the infallible voices of truth, or if, in their explanation of some events, we see but the dimming of the light of reason. For in the current currents of the world, science is often an improper verbal expression, used by sundry technocratic Read More

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Another View of the EU (European Union)

The MacDonaldization of words forces many to lay that reason asleep which disturbs their gayety. Among recent new entries is ‘Brexit’, a word suitable to a speaking-club made of millions, where most half-hear what, if they heard the whole, they would but half-understand. Furthermore, some words in time are debased by repetition, and can no Read More

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Red-Wine, Health-Care, Shakespeare & Capitalism

Those who follow the reigning fashion, or from fashion borrow their taste, will have observed that, after a de-facto 20 years of relative unpopularity, red wine has undergone a commercial and cultural renaissance. Not that it was ever dead, but lore and clichés suggested that thoughtful solitude was the natural setting for a glass of Read More

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The Power of Aesthetics in Learning

This article was written for the Rocketship Education Home School. John Locke, famous British empiricist, philosopher and father of Liberalism, asserted that, “The chief art of learning is to attempt but a little at a time.” The aphorism seems obvious. But we may or should remember that the excellence of aphorisms consists not so much Read More

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Brief History of Revisionism

On hearing the word ‘revisionism,’ suspicion lurks in the mind of some, and alarms sound in the mind of others. Suspicion is the elder sister of twins, credulity and incredulity. And of all kinds of credulity, the most obstinate and wonderful is that of zealots; of men who resign the use of their eyes and Read More

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Douce France

“Douce France, cher pays de mon enfance” – so goes the song [Sweet France, dear country of my infancy]. I did not live my childhood in France, but at times I feel as If I did, for I know her well. I can daydream about a town or village in the “France profonde”, and think Read More

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Plato Among Pundits, a Dialog

Dialog on the Common Good, the Will of the People, the Thought Unique and why Democrats refuse to accept the results of the elections. I loaded my unimpressive weekly groceries onto the carrier belt and the counter lady said, “A vegetarian, I see.” “A perspicacious observation and an accurate deduction – I replied. And since Read More

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War among Poor

After Berkeley’s war and fitful fever of destructive demonstrations, the mob sleeps well, or so it seems. As equally well sleep the millions who joined the women’s recent ‘spontaneous’ marches worldwide. These demonstrations (and other similar), are actually atheistic masses, to dupe common sense and satisfy facade rebelliousness or a desire-to-belong. Of the throng who Read More

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Remembrance of Years Past

“When I consider everything that grows Holds in perfection but a little moment, That this huge stage presenteth nought but shows Whereon the stars in secret influence comment”. (SON 15) Maybe I am in a minority, but I never understood or, rather, never assimilated the idea that that the end of the year should be Read More

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