The Masking of the Obvious

An Eastern monarch, of whom we know the existence but not the name, kept an officer in his house whose employment it was to remind him of his mortality, by calling out every morning at a stated hour, “Remember prince that thou shalt die.

Indeed, the contemplation of the frailness of our present state appeared of so much importance to the famous legislator Solon of Athens, that he left this precept to future ages, ”Keep thine eyes fixed upon the end of life.”

Frequent and attentive prospect of that moment, which must put an end to all our schemes and deprive us of all our acquisitions, is, indeed, of the utmost efficacy to the just and rational regulation of our lives. And rarely if ever, something wicked or absurd would be undertaken by him who should begin everyday with a serious reflection that he is born to die. To the disturbers of our happiness in his world – i.e. desires, griefs and fears – the consideration of mortality is a certain and adequate remedy.

Another Greek sage, Epictetus, suggested to think with some regularity on poverty, banishment and death, as a preventive remedy against violent desires.

Every man has experienced how much of his ardor of consumption has been remitted when a sharp or tedious sickness has set death before his eyes. The extensive influence of greatness, the glitter of wealth, the praise of admirers, the attendance of flatterers have appeared vain and empty things, when the last hour seems to be approaching. And the same appearance they would always have, if the same thought were predominant.

We should then find the absurdity of stretching-out our arms incessantly to grasp that which we cannot keep. And wearing out our lives in an endeavor to add new towers to the castle of ambition, when the foundation itself is shaking, and the ground on which it stands is moldering away.

All of the above is dramatically obvious, except that it represent the antipodes of the well-entrenched and socially abided-by commandments of the imposed ‘thought unique’, which includes its (perhaps) soon-to-be-launched in the West ‘social credit card’ (a’ la chinoise).

The ‘thought unique’ could be better described as the inter-generational stratification of a philosophy of life whose aim is converting man into an atom of consumption, for the benefit of those who managed the conversion. While simultaneously preventing him from realizing the utter absurdity and folly of such ideological construction.

In fact, suggesting or popularizing the idea that the converters are subject to the same destiny of the converted partakes indirectly of the nature of ‘hate speech’ and, as such, the notion is naturally banished from all avenues of mass communications and (I suspect), even from academic philosophy.

Implied in the banishment is the idea of the endlessness of growth and the eternity of progress.

Which can be considered as another example of ‘Newspeak’ applied on a global scale. To recall, the purpose of Newspeak was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits proper to the masters of Ingsoc, (English Socialism), but to make all other modes of thought impossible.

A now totally corrupted corporate medicine (see my videos “The Road to Damascus” (part 1), —- and — “The Road to Damascus” (part 2), seems to indirectly imply that immortality is just around the corner, if only ‘patients’ bought more and new ‘medicines’ (or ‘vaccines’).

Some have taken the idea so seriously as to purchase the freezing of their dead bodies until such day when ‘medicine’ will carry out the miracle of resurrection – thus adding an 11th to the ten commandments, “If you are rich, you will be immortal.” With the parallel paradox that the 4 trillion dollars spent annually in the US on “health care” are part of the Gross Domestic Product, and of the logical consequence that the sicklier the nation, the healthier its economy.

When absurdity reaches these (mostly ignored) peaks, a dramatic crack in the system, as the world is currently experiencing, acquires an apocalyptic property, suggesting analogies of biblical impact and consequence.

On the other hand, fear of an apocalypse, at least in the current case, is not a product of nature or of a vengeful god. It is rather willed and/or manufactured, and the attendant widespread fear ensures the continuance in existence of the current cabala of power.

On the pandemic(s) there seems to be (I refer to America), some relaxing of the venom, rejection, ostracism and contempt towards those who raised doubts about the whole business.

Even many dissenting doctors, after drastic initial banning and excommunication, have coalesced into groups, gathering evidence and data on associated mystic and magic vaccines, never tested before, often proven deadly or useless, but still imposed in certain states or circles.

Realities that, in any case, show massive fraud, irrespective of whether it started at the beginning of the tale, that is at the birth of the virus, or later as means of imposing a dictatorship prompted by health, or rather sickness, concerns.

But the battle is not over. Apart from all incontrovertible evidence, it may be sufficient confirmation the listening to the words of Karl Schwab, caught off (official) camera where he clearly states that they, the rulers of the world, hold politicians, media, researchers, scientists and academia by their genitals. Here is the transcript.

“If I look at our stake-holders, (read “The World Economic Forum”), ve have business, of course, as a main important audience, ve have politics, ve have continuous partnership mit many governments around ze world. Besides, of course, ve have Non Government Organizations, ve have trade-unions, ve have also different parts, media of course and, very important, experts and scientists and academia. Because if ve are looking at the future, I think ve should look at new solutions, and ze new solutions will be very much driven by technological development. And ve have very important social entrepreneurs.”

As if to also imply, indirectly, that the pandemic couldn’t help being a success, having been properly prepared and managed, so as to render the western populations ever more intellectually weakened and emotionally fragile.

In fact, the basis of this and future ‘successes’ is linked to the power exerted by transnational “do-good” organizations such as the WHO (World Health Organization). Even the very questionably “re-elected” Macron, the killer of the gilets jaunes, as if in unison with Karl Schwab, recently made a lexically-nebulous but conceptually clear declaration as follows,

“Various propositions are on the table especially converging on the importance of reinforcing the WHO in its role of scientific coordination, (the production of) normative examples in its approach, leading to a unique and unified direction, definition and administration of health and towards (recognizing) the necessity of giving the WHO the necessary means.”

Translating from the Orwellianese, “reinforcing the WHO’s role in scientific coordination” means “more billions to the corrupt and corruptible, to help convince the gullible plebs that the WHO cares about their health.” “Normative examples in its approach” means “to make sure that the masses ever more believe that they are alive because of WHO’s ‘medicine’”. “Leading to a unique and unified direction” means “to make sure that the atomized, globalized, turned-into-sheep billions obey faithfully the lyingest knaves in (what was once) Christendom.” As for “the necessity of giving the WHO the necessary means” translates into “hiring more thousands of presumptuous and corrupted hangers-on at the expense of the working proles and of the ever-more-sodomized human sheep”.

These people, the Schwabs and the Macrons of this world are but ambulating examples of the arrogance of power. For indifference to the citizen often gives pride the confidence to treat him with contempt.

In fact, as I was drafting these notes, I found that it is surfacing what many suspected, namely that Pfizer’s (but not only) unthinkable manipulations and fraud were involved in the approval of Covid genic drugs. Add to this the almost-quashed ‘Ventavia’ scandal, the declarations by a Pfizer whistle-blower – and what is being discovered in the FDA documentation on the approval of the Pfizer vaccine, that Pfizer wanted to secret for 75 years, but which it is now forced to deliver.

As for ‘health’, as opposed to ‘world health organization’, I believe (and so do many, much more qualified than I am), that an enormous world-wide benefit would derive from making it mandatory, starting in schools, the teaching of the fundamentals of nutrition and metabolism – meaning that what we are is also mostly what we eat, and what our habits involve or cause. A notion that many health professionals hold and share but are barred from propagating it by the corporate media, owned by we know who.

The idea is equally anathema to the monopolistic agricultural and food-processing giants, as millions would realize that what they are incessantly encouraged to eat or drink is deleterious (where health is concerned). Even in recent history, some of these perfidious entities have brought to court sundry (rare) personalities from the society of the spectacle for having publicly implied that various processed labeled-as-edible foods do much more harm than good.

Karl Schwab, by the way, is the perfect actual partner of Ursula Von Der Lugen, President of the European Commission, a character seemingly sprung-out of the screen of a Hollywood Nazi Movie.

“U vill do as ve tsay or ve vill tsend u into our vired bunker of tze conzentrazionen camp mit zat evil dictator Vladimiren Putin….… und mit unserem ultimaten devastatoren pack von sankzionen against Russland, all European zitizens vill stop eating antipasto… etc.”

We could also couple Ursula Von Der Lugen with the foreign ministress of Britain, who knows less geography than a goat, and with the seduced-by-Nato ministresses of Finland and Sweden. We would then have the perfect protagonists for a remake of a horror-edition of Disney’s “Rindercella and her Three Sigly Usters.” Who, Rindercella, went to a bancy fall, but had to be mome before hidnight or she would be purned into a tumpkin by her dairy fogmother. And finally, at the mtroke of sidnight, Rindercella slopped her dripper and soon later found the prandsome hince in the shape of Karl Schwab.

There may be some ground for amusement, were it not that, considering the disasters caused by the undeclared war on Russia, Europe’s recent actions on foreign policy and the politics of health, display the seemingly demented infantilism in the concerned elites, satirized in the immediately previous paragraphs.

But I digress.

As for the current ‘crisis,’ and those perplexed by its absurdities, it shows that globalization, which can be considered as the ideological super-structure of neo-liberalism, never had or considered a plan B. Even though both neo-liberalism and globalization assume an impossible presupposition – namely that it is feasible to have infinite growth with finite and limited resources.

For a long time, universities and Nobel laureates in pseudo-economics have been lavishly financed so as to blunt the contradiction (implied in the idea of infinite growth) and even deny that there was any. But a system based on lying eventually faces the consequences of mendacity. Today attempts are current to save the infinite possibility of enrichment of a select few, sending everyone else either to war or to catch new and sundry viruses.

And because US imperialism fathered the chimera of endless growth, the crushing of the chimera translates into a crisis of American power. Said in other words, at least since 1989 Western public opinion at large has lived in a state of cognitive dissonance, cynically exploited so as to foster fake and fantastic realities onto a docile public mind.

Whether casually or by design, even the scientific world has been engaged in blunting the notion of the incompatibility of infinite growth and limited resources. For example, scientific observers publish reports of spectacular findings, expressed in words and tone as to imply or suggest that infinite growth is just around the corner.

Examples include the ‘imminent’ colonization of Mars, the continued discovery of new potentially habitable planets, ‘only’ a few hundreds or a few thousands light-years away. But this (travel at speed faster light) is but a relatively simple problem, resolved by the theory of ‘folding space’. According to which, if space and time are essentially the same thing and if time as we know it is a straight line, then that line can be “folded” at two distinct points, allowing a space-vehicle to jump instantly from one point to another, making astronomical distances a thing of the past. And to help reduce the suspicion that we are dealing with nonsense, those who explain it are shown in front of blackboards densely populated with apparently complex mathematical formulas.

And although Oscar Wilde meant it as a pun, there are many who believe anything provided it is quite incredible. As an unrelated example, I clearly remember attending a public meeting, some years back, on the subject of the limited nature of oil resources. Where some participants with academic credentials, maintained that shale oil is essentially infinite in availability, easy to extract and economic to process.

Returning to the current state of affairs, it also helps bring into focus the great unresolved problem of the legitimacy of power, existing both in the turbo-capitalistic West and in communist China.

According to current ideology, the most able should always have unrestricted access to positions of power, and the best should always win. This ideal vision of a society of free and equal citizens might have contained a germ of truth during the heroic age of capitalism, which was also the age of the colonization of North America. But as society ages – and this is particularly true of capitalistic society – positions of power and the modalities by which they are exercised tend to become increasingly and eventually completely predetermined. Power comes to be exercised through institutions, following predetermined procedures, and those responsible for its exercise are themselves no more than the servants of an apparatus of divination – and often worlds away from a commonly accepted definition of what ‘being the best’ means. They almost impersonate an impersonal yet untouchable power, such as, for example, the power of Zionism, notably in America.

All this will minimally touch the chicken-hawks of the current American administration, which, since a long time, has been defined as ‘Israeli occupied territory’ (Patrick Buchanan). And a quick look at its current composition would easily support the characterization. For the chicken-hawks (independently of their ideological allegiance) ignore the difference between placing their life on the line versus their ass on the sofa. Which can be summarized with another metaphor. Let the goy suffer while Shylock laughs all the way to the bank.

Until the late 1980s fear of Communism was a tenable justification by the West for its enmity against Russia. Later, there were no rational justifications. Gorbachev – whatever opinion may be held about him – after agreeing to the unification of Germany and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact – told Reagan, “We have deprived you of enemies.”

It is a historical fact that the US invades countries simply because it has always done so, unable to distinguish what is established because it is right, from that which is right because it is established.

But what could be then the motive for such obvious, undisguised aggressive posture and undisguised hatred towards Russia? Including the 46 infectious-disease “research” centers, financed and sprinkled by the Pentagon in Ukraine, next to the Russian border, and with the ruffian involvement of Biden’s uncompromisingly perverted model son? With drones specially equipped to spread the germs of diseases?

There is no motive – I think – except that, in some way, the West’s recent and undisguised Russo-phobia, can be viewed, paradoxically, as a chapter of the war of the West against itself, waged by entities that cannot be named.

Those wishing to follow a more complete historical trail, may find some interest in the sixth and concluding video I produced on the history of Ukraine..

The ending phase of the war on the West suggests a comparison with a disease that is born and grown inside the body. The symptoms are many and I would offend the patience of the readers by telling what was already told. Let’s just call it, for simplicity, the sodomization and gomorrization of the western soul –including the ghettoization of major American cities, the glorification of sexual a-normality and the canceling of Western classical history, as well as religion. In fact, according to recent official statistics at least 70% of the citizens of Middle and Northern Europe are atheists.

The subject cannot be condensed into generalizations, but the effect of godlessness has a long history. Even at the onset of the Enlightenment, when belief in Christianity was waning, some enlightened leaders of thought were concerned about the issue – irrespective of man’s ability or inability to describe the nature of God.

Kant himself, for example, was alarmed by the decline of Christianity. Being a pessimist about the human character, he believed that we are by nature intensely prone to corruption. This awareness led him to formulate the means to replace religious authority with the authority of something that we could describe as reason, though it went well beyond it.

In one of his works he argued that, although historical religion may have been wrong at times, or the content of some of its beliefs unproven, it latched onto the great need to promote ethical behavior, a need that never disappears for obvious reasons.

In this context Kant proposed the idea of the “Categorical Imperative,” which first appeared in his book “Metaphysics of Morals.” Shrunk to its core, the categorical imperative states: “Act only according to that maxim by which at the same time, you can will that it should become a universal law.” Said it differently, the categorical imperative is designed to shift our perspective, to lead us to see our own behavior in less immediately personal terms, and thereby recognize some of its limitations.

To this effect, Kant also demonstrated the important and relevant role of aesthetics and art. He thought that life involved a constant struggle between our better selves and our passions, between duty and pleasure. However, beauty delights us in a special and important way, because our love of beauty is disinterested. Therefore and in this sense, the beauty of nature is a continual, quiet and insistent reminder of what he called the ‘universe of being.’

And behind the ‘universe of being’ there is what no scientist may perhaps ever touch or discover. Some use the word God, others the term Transcendent, to avoid the semantic inconsistency of ‘atheism’ with its inherent paradox (what is unknown – or inconsistent with our lexical instruments – does not exist). Or more poetically, but also practically, to confound the ‘undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveller returns’ (1) – with the pretty abysmal record of some Churches, at least today.

In any event, the importance of the life of the spirit inspired and promoted by the current Russian political system – as seen in the emphasis on the importance of religion at large – is opposite to the western trend. Where, in America for example, it is illegal to even display a Christian religious symbol in public.

Therefore and to conclude, perhaps, just as the de-Palestinization of Palestine finds its mirror image in the de-westernization of the historic cultural West, the West’s war against Russia may be the last chapter of the West’s war against itself.

History of Ukraine, episode #6

*** (1) Hamlet

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