Biden’s Data in the Cloud

Image of clouds symbolic illustration of the articleIf flattery is the infantry of negotiations, then mendacity is the air force of politics. There are exceptions, but as a practical rule truth tellers are not deemed worthy of the public trust.

To the question, “who does the deeming?” the reader will have already answered euphemistically, “the mainstream media,” better known as “media from hell.” Meanwhile the social media conglomerates are now the official Ministry of Truth and the unchallenged administrators of the First Amendment, quietly turned into “Non-Freedom of Speech”.

Social media that is notoriously under ownership and control of a caste-entity-tribe-monopoly that cannot any longer be mentioned on pain of severe retaliation, unless the mentioning is accompanied by slavish praise, shameless flattery and demeaning subservience.

If the reader thinks that I am exaggerating I am not. The New York Post recently announced and wrote that a popular social media venue has hired a team of talented Chinese software specialists to identify and censure any message containing turns of phrase or expressions that refer obliquely to the caste in question in order to avoid censorship. Some examples of concealed anti-something could be, “our elder brothers in the Abrahimic religion” (actually that’s how the current Pope calls them), “artists of circumcision”, “people of the TD book”, “los amos del mundo” (Spanish for ‘rulers of the world’) etc.

Actually, censored or shut-down websites, videos, podcasts, messages are now in the tens of thousands (according to those who dare monitor the phenomenon). And all is done with the punctilious thoroughness of elder brothers, from centuries used to money manipulation and its associated skills.

For example, I got involved in an exchange with a European group dedicated to history. At one point the question was raised about the time when the Nazi regime began being at odds with our elder brothers. I posted a message where I said that, “As late as 1934 there was coined in Germany a gold medal having on one side the Nazi symbol and on the other the star of David – to seal and celebrate an agreement with the German government, and the freedom allowed to German elder brothers to emigrate to Israel.” Then I added that the 1954 edition of their Encyclopedia stated that “a few hundred thousand” of their brethren died while in concentration camps, and that the Holocaust notion, or movement, or idea, or campaign had its beginning in 1972 in New York, along with the famous 6-million.” Information that is easily verifiable by most.

I then received the following message, “No one else will see your comment. Your comment goes against our Community Standard on Hate Speech. We have these standards to protect certain groups of people. We sometimes allow things we’d otherwise consider hate speech, for example when someone shares someone else’s hate speech to raise awareness about it.” Translation, “we allow hate speech only if it becomes propaganda for our own benefit.” I will return to the New York Post later.

Most will agree that, under equal circumstances, truth is easier to explain than lies. Therefore lying involves (sometimes but not always) a degree of skill and a certain finesse, required to deceive the deceivables – often unaware-of and sometimes even grateful-for the deception.

For example, until very recently, a person who carried a virus of some sort (as experts say that most of us do), but showed no symptoms, was medically called a ‘healthy carrier.’ Today the same fellow is described by the media (social and otherwise) as an ‘infected asymptomatic.’ Let the reader draw his own conclusions.

Equally, according to the same cabal who gave us the ‘infected asymptomatics,’ no western government ever delivered arms to the Syrian terrorists. The New York Times was not aware that “Timber Sycamore” was a CIA operation to arm Middle East terrorists, no western government ever said that the Syrian “Al Nusra” front was doing valuable work. NATO never created Kosovo, today a prosperous market of human organs, NATO never financed the islamists to assassinate Gheddafi, there were no jihadists in Chechnya and they never committed terrorist acts. European countries never gave refuge to Chechnyan terrorists, Al-Quaeda was a hermaphroditic, self-generated organization that never was armed by the CIA, Washington never helped the jihadists in Afghanistan before the Soviet intervention, Brzesinski never launched “Operation Green Belt,” to destabilize Russia, Reagan never said to the jihadist warriors that they were ‘Freedom Fighters”, Western media never praised Bin Laden, the Talebans were never hosted in Washington, The New York Times could not know that Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction, Al-Baghdadi never founded Daesh in an American prison, the US-led coalition never allowed Daesh to get control (and destroy much of) Palmyra, the World Congress of the Uighurs is not financed by Washington, there were never terrorists in the Xinjiang province of China, and the Uighurs who fight with the terrorists in sundry countries of the Middle East are actually tourists. Epstein killed himself in a security prison where he was purposely detained to prevent suicide. And of course 19 drug-addicts from Saudi Arabia did 9/11.

As it is now common knowledge, H. Biden, son of the homonymous illustrious presidential candidate, forgot to pick up his water-damaged laptop computer from a repair shop. Which in itself is a telltale sign of a life-style dreamed-of by many and barred to most of us. I think that few among my 25 readers would gingerly give up an Apple device that runs upwards of 2 k-dollars or more depending on configuration – apart of course from any other consideration. Including the (possibly) implied conviction, by the owner, that whatever content was stored in the hard drive could not potentially do him any harm, given his exalted position in the firmament of power. Much like those who have no rule of action but their present humor.

Still the laptop, as it is well known, through various steps and iterations ended up in the hands of Rudi Giuliani (former mayor of New York and now a large cog in the Trump’s electoral machine). The hard drive of the device contains particularly damning, not to say, criminal evidence, besides the prostitutional peddling record of ‘money-for-introduction-to-people-who-count’, detailed by the New York Post.

Social media censured the New York Post message, but the reaction by the democratic candidate’s electoral machinery offers an interesting glimpse of the current culture at large. That information – they said at first – was but ‘hacked data gathered from the cloud.’

It is possible that many among 300 million Americans know what “hacked data gathered from the cloud” means, though it is not unkind to doubt it.

Such ‘data in the cloud’ justification brought to mind an episode of the unsurpassable and inimitable British series, “Yes, Minister.” It had to do with how the Minister and his immortal Civil Service director Humphrey Appleby dealt with a thorny issue. Namely, the announced construction of a chemical factory in the North of England. The factory would produce a deadly chemical that caused horror, victims and dismay in Northern Italy after a massive leak from the factory that made it. The chemical involved was called ‘dioxine.’ The MP (member of parliament) of the affected area asks for explanations. Here is the dialog,

MP. What’s the British Chemical Corporation up to in my constituency? There are some very worrying rumors about this new project and its dangerous chemicals… after what happened in Seveso, Italy.
Minister. The chemical in Seveso was dioxin, this is meta-dioxin
MP. But that must be virtually the same thing, the same name with ‘meta’ stuck in front.
Minister. No, that ‘meta’ makes all the difference.
MP. What does ‘meta’ mean?
Humphrey (intervening on noticing the Minister’s embarrassment). That is very simple, it means ‘with’ or ‘after’ and sometimes ‘beyond’… It’s from the Greek of course. In other words, ‘with’ or ‘after’ dioxin and sometimes ‘beyond’ dioxin. It depends on whether it is the accusative or the genitive. With the accusative it is ‘beyond’ or ‘after,’ with the ‘genitive’ it is ‘with.’ As in Latin, of course as you no doubt obviously recall, when the ablative is used for words needing the support of ‘with ‘ to precede them.
Bernard (the Minister’s secretary). But there is no ablative in Latin
Humphrey. Well done Bernard (laughter)
MP. I insist to know what is metadioxin.
Humphrey. Perfectly simple, Metadioxin is an inert compound of dioxin.
MP. What does ‘inert’ mean?
Humphrey. That it is not ‘ert’
Bernard. It wouldn’t ‘ert’ a fly.

Perhaps predictably, the ‘data in the cloud’ explanation didn’t last long, but the next was even better, at least as a follow-up to the sketch I have recalled. The information about the open and prostitutional influence peddling could not be true because the computer repair man who fixed H.Biden’s computer is blind. To be accurate the term used was ‘visually impaired.’

Though I am repeating what everyone knows, these responses, statements or justifications just demonstrate and reiterate the utter contempt that people who find themselves having, or being associated with, some form of political power have indirectly for those who elected them or their sponsor, as in H.Biden’s case. Needless to say, it insults the understanding of millions to suggest that a blind person would set himself in business to repair laptops.

Still, the ‘blind man’ explanation lasted less than the ‘data in the cloud’ theory. Even the Bidens, or perhaps the Biden electoral machinery, thought that H. Biden’s ownership denial of a costly personal object, whose ownership cannot be physically denied, would not fly. For it would create an epistemological problem of such magnitude as to load the logical and semantic resources of the English language with a burden that it cannot be reasonably expected to bear.

Hence the Biden electoral masterminds’ plan B was for Biden to ignore the laptop but to declare, during the second debate, that “he did not earn one illegal dollar” (or equivalent words) from the transactions that he or his son were involved in, in China or elsewhere.

As it is has been divulged nor denied, H. Biden amassed at least 1.5 billion $ through a shady deal with a Chinese bank. Compared to which the 1 million dollar yearly stipend paid to him by the Ukrainian company Burisma is the proverbial peanuts. A company, nevertheless, allowed to prosper in a finally liberated Ukraine, thanks to Victoria Nuland (of “f” the Europeans memory) and her orchestrated coup.

Who, Victoria Nuland (alias Nudelman) – and this we should not forget – declared in a conference after her triumph that, “We have invested 5 billion $$ to achieve these and other objectives.” Why this individual – whose ugliness is magnified by a diabolic expression – did not say what ‘these and other objectives’ were, must be left to the imagination of current and future historians.

What is readable and (allegedly) extracted from H. Biden’s laptop, seems to justify R. Giuliani’s statement that the hard disk contains ‘much worse’. The unofficial news is that it has to do with H. Biden’s Epsteinesque relationship with his actual underage niece. How much of this is true I or no one else without direct access to the data can say.

Yet a pattern arises that logically and culturally connects H. Biden, Bill Clinton, the Lewinsky business, J. Epstein and the Mossad. The connecting link is what President Maduro of Venezuela defined (in a different context) the “competencia de l’arrogancia”, the competition of arrogance.

As it is legendarily known, on prime TV, in court and in front of judges to whom he swore to tell the truth, Clinton had the gall to say, “I did not have sex with that woman.”

At the time, some remaining intellectuals not yet sunk into the quagmire of questionable think-tanks and equally questionable ‘research’ grants, made an interesting prediction. Prediction related to Clinton not being impeached, after so blatantly lying to the court and by inference to the American people.

The event, they said, abolished at large any required and elementary standards of ethical behavior in US government and, by extension, throughout the nation, in any realm, situation, relationship and/or institution.

It is no surprise, then, that very prominent in Epstein’s New York mansion, is/was an oil painting of Bill Clinton clad in Monica Lewinski’s nightgown – symbolically displaying a ‘consummation devoutly to be wished.’ (1)

Equally, it is not commonly denied that Epstein, his girlfriend/enabler Ghislaine Maxwell and her father Robert Maxwell – born Byniamin Hoch, English tycoon and later disgraced member of Parliament – are and/or were euphemistically defined as Mossad’s assets. Robert Maxwell was given a state funeral in Israel, attended by the most important charges of the state, after his mysterious death in the Canary Islands, allegedly due to falling off his yacht.

The ‘competencia de l’arrogancia’ also explains the extraordinary lenience towards Epstein, during his first trial, after scores of accusers came forward with their chronicles of pedophilia, sloth and debauchery. At the time, when questioned on the subject by journalists and representatives of the accusers, the attorney general Acosta said that he could not discuss the matter, nor give an explanation, due to ‘intelligence,’ or words to that effect. Where ‘intelligence’ could plausibly and possibly include ‘black mail’ involving some notorious bigwigs caught or actually photographed in the act.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial is many months away and perhaps by that time, the audience will be somewhat tired of following the predictable extended hearings, arguments and counter-arguments.

Nevertheless it is not unreasonable to extend the link among the aforementioned heroes, to H.Biden, and the laptop saga.

There remains the speculation on what could occur in case of a Biden’s victory. I will attempt to answer indirectly by summarizing an interesting presentation, given very recently by a well known, respected and active Catholic theologian, as well as a strong critic of Pope Bergoglio’s Catholic Church directions.

The plan for the destruction of Europe and European culture, he said, –- concurrent with the elimination of states, contempt for traditional family values, promoted miscegenation, transgenderism and battle against the family – has a long history.

They first tried it with the Bolshevik revolution, and we know who made up the first Politburo. The second phase involved the 1960s revolution, where Freud took the place of Marx (thanks to the so-called Frankfurt school of Cultural Marxism). The revolution was successful in carrying out a full-front attack on authority, the family and related family values. One of the results has been the dramatic drop in birth rates among Europeans at large.

We are now at the third phase, the mass-invasion of Europe by third world aliens, under the leadership of Soros et al. We have already lost the battle, he said, but not the war – because God allows evil to occur but not to triumph. When and how the victory will take place, only God knows.

There remains the painful reality that not all elder brothers share the pseudo-sacred vision of a ‘kingdom on earth’ as promised in the ‘book’. But the dissenters, to all intents and purposes, have no voice. Furthermore, as the theologian added, there is in the tribe at large a cultural and deep seated hatred of the ‘other,’ which seems to defy any internal opposition.

Therefore, in the very proximate future, a victory by Biden will coherently result in totally open borders and unlimited immigration from third world countries, as it was in the plan of the elder brothers who historically promoted this as far back as the 1920s. After all Biden himself, in various occasion, declared openly to be ‘a fervent Zionist.’

There will be a further tightening of the still farcically called ‘freedom of expression,’ with more websites shut down and individuals targeted for harassment and/or harm in their life or profession. After all, the elder brothers who own the social media can censure an incontestably factual laptop-extracted message, furthermore delivered by a newspaper (The New York Post), founded in 1801 by Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers, whose features are displayed on every 10$ bill. It follows, as the night the day (2), that shutting down any or all other messages and sites at will, would not even be considered an event. In its sweep and reach, the non-being of their purported enemies is one more triumph of the ‘competencia de l’arrogancia’

The war on Iran, promoted by Hillary, will be back on the table and, who knows, even an actual military invasion of Venezuela. So far it has been the barren wish of an unattainable goal. But there is no disagreement here among the contenders. And since the Venezuelans have been defrauded of their money, it became plausible for the current cabal to deprive President Maduro of his life. And although their efforts so far failed, 15 million $ are still the extant reward for his head. It is doubtful that the policy will change, though hope is notoriously the last goddess.

What other curtailments of citizens’ rights are there in store I will leave it to the readers’ imagination. Without even accounting for the compounded effects of the Covid pandemic, which some sociologists consider a planned genocide of the middle and working class.

Finally, I don’t think it is exaggerated to say that, with a Biden’s victory, we would enter what the German poet-philosopher Hoelderlin called the “time of the night of the world”, and Heidegger the “time of total darkness” – to quote Italian philosopher Diego Fusaro.

By sheer luck we avoided an H. Clinton, but the dice rarely yield the same number on the next roll. And reason should inform us of the precarious condition of fortune’s gifts.

*** (1), (2) Hamlet

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