Terror On The Paris Express

Image of the Thalys speed train from Amsterdam to Paris“Who cannot steal a shape that means deceit?”

(King Henry VI p2, act 3)

I was determined to believe that the drama on the fast train to Paris, was a stellar victory in the War on Terror. The mainstream media informed us, with the abruptness of ecstasy and the pleasure of the extraordinary, – informed us of the timely intervention by the US Marines, who prevented a heinous crime and were promptly rewarded for their bravery with the highest tribute of France, the Legion of Honor, of Napoleonic origin and memory.

With suitable changes… “Cry – God for Harry, England and Saint George!”(1)

In truth, there was a somewhat puzzling detail. As per media reports, the marines detected that a noise, coming from inside a toilet, was the loading of a machine gun. Marines are the flower of the US Army, in perfect shape and endowed with excellent sight and finely-tuned hearing. And bullet-trains are remarkably quiet.

Even so, to sightlessly distinguish the specific nature of a particular clanking of metal, among the infinite vocabulary of sounds, seems extraordinary. Besides, that the marines found themselves right there, at the right time, to detect the right noise, seems equally an extraordinary coalescence and collusion of favorable circumstances. But who are we to question the purpose of the mighty gods? Among divinities improbability is an impossibility.

Still, tired of conspiracy theories, I clung to my determination. After all, when Victoria Nuland (assistant secretary of state), suggested to “fuck the Europeans”, should some European leaders object to her choice of cabinet ministers in the new Ukrainian government, she was merely helping democracy.

Besides, Jen Psaky, spokeperson for the State Department, recently confirmed that,

“As a matter of long-standing policy, the United States does not support political transitions by non-constitutional means. Political transitions must be democratic, constitutional, peaceful and legal. To suggest otherwise is ludicrous.”

Much like 9/11, a costly and extremely complicated operation, skirting the limits of science fiction, which was designed, produced, financed, managed, directed and staged by an emaciated Arab with a turban, a beard and bad kidneys from a cave in Afghanistan.

To question these declarations, explanations and narratives (as they call them today), is being conspiratorial. Therefore, I was still lulling in my non-conspiratorial mood, when I was somewhat surprised by reading an article written by a European journalist who thoroughly investigated the plot.

To start, the official story has changed considerably.

* The jihadist’s gun was not a Kalashnikov but a do-it-yourself weapon, assembled from different individual parts produced in East Germany.

* The marines did not hear or detect the noise of the gun being loaded. Rather, the jihadist tried to fire the gun after exiting from the toilet, but there were issues and only one shot was fired. He was then tackled, first by a Frenchman and then by the marines.

* The marines (Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos, et Anthony Sadler) were not in the seats assigned to them, but had changed car half hour before the terrorist event. Why? To ensure a better wi-fi connection for their smart-phones because, according to them, the driving carriage had a better connection. How they knew that remains undetermined. Considering that the company providing the service, (Thalys), makes no reference to the matter and on its website states,

“We offer a secure Internet connection (https) to check your e-mails, stay in touch with your communities and surf the web. The availability of WiFi service is subject to technical and varying conditions. The connectivity failures you might encounter are related to the presence, on our journey, of concrete tunnels and rugged or concrete surrounding terrain. Considering that your train traveling at 300 km / hour at peak, WiFi on board remains a real technological performance, still unequaled in the European rail network. We are pleased to offer the service to you and appreciate your understanding….During and after the summer our trains will be gradually equipped with a new WI-FI system with more bandwidth and increased speed.”

To allay possible conspiratorial doubts, some will say that, in the excitement of the moment, the news officially released may be faulty in details though correct in substance.

man who showed first the video of the terror attack on the Amsterdam-Paris trainYet, one most puzzling character in the affair is a Mr. Ahmed Meguini, a Moroccan, pro-Israeli militant, with affiliations to the Mossad and the CIA, described as an ardent Zionist and promoter of the “war of civilizations”. He was the first to broadcast, on his Twitter account and before CNN did, the video captured by Anthony Sadler, one of the marines, featuring his comrade Spencer Stone, tackling the enemy. The video was sold in exclusivity to CNN. How did or could he get hold of the video so quickly? We don’t know.

Ahmed Meguini describes himself as a “journalist and head of business production and web communication, campaigning for the right to choose.” However, he is also member of a right-wing French Zionist movement. See his picture with the tattoo on the arm, “Je suis Charlie.”

The allaged terrorist of the Paris train - though there may be two terrorists with the same nameBut equally puzzling is the personality of the terrorist, Ayub Al-Qazani, of whom  there may be actually two. Of one we have a picture – of the other none, but the al-Qazani of the train is described as “skeletal, malnourished, lost, and weighing 25 pounds less than the  man appearing in the photo” published by the newspapers.

The jihadist Moroccan Ayub Al-Qazani, the one involved in the incident on the French train – or maybe his namesake – is linked to a group involved in an incident at Verviers, Belgium, in January 2015. That anti-terrorism raid in Verviers caused two deaths.

CIA and NATO have an established track record of terrorist attacks in Belgium. For example, according to a report by the Belgian Senate, in 1984, a team of US Marines were parachuted into Belgium, to connect with a Belgian member of the military intelligence. They hid for two weeks before attacking the police station of Vielsalm – where weapons and ammunition were stolen and a Belgian police officer was assassinated. In 1991, the Belgian Senate investigation concluded that the attack was the work of the US and Belgian military.

Apparently, Al-Qazani also fought against the Assad government in Syria. The French newspaper La Voix du Nord writes that the Spanish authorities had warned the French about him. It is possible that at the time of the incident on the speed train, Al-Qazani may have been under the surveillance or control of the security services. Or maybe he was yet another actor in a sting operation.

All this may appear more tiring conspiracy theory. Yet, apart from what we know already about false-flag events, the popular French television program Envoyé Spécial, recently interviewed an FBI special agent, Mike German, who after 25 years of employment resigned, accusing the federal police of “fabricating false terrorist Islamists.”

Officially, Mike German explained, officers infiltrate and identify terrorist cells before they take action. Unofficially, they create from nothing Jihadi organizations, and then dismantle them “just in time”, before the “terrible attack”. While headlines and politicians declare victory in the War on Terror.

The practice has a well established track record (see the related article on this site, http://wp.me/p2e0kb-1Kx) Nor it is an FBI’s exclusive. Even Joseph Conrad wrote a novel inspired by an anarchist attack in the London of 1894, where a secret agent convinces his mentally retarded brother to place a bomb.

But the terror on the Paris Express is laden with meanings, as shown by the referred-to journalist’s inquiry. One goes as follows, “O cowardly Europeans, what would you do without our Marines who guard against jihadism? Hold on to your ally! Do not abandon its protective shield, otherwise you’ll end up in the jaws of ISIS!”

Furthermore, the terror event perfectly confirms that “Europeans are from Venus, Americans from Mars,” as the neocon Robert Kagan theorized, who branded as despicable the European tendency to seek diplomatic rather than military solutions to international problems. Kagan is also the author of PNAC (Project for the New American Century) and the husband of Victoria Nuland (Nudelman), both devout Zionists and entitled to dual Israeli-American citizenship.

Given the current circumstances, why stage the event in France? And why the French Prime Minister was so expeditious in assigning the highest honors of the country? As if they were confetti, in the words of journalist Maurizio Blondet.

Was it to revive the spirit of the “Je suis Charlie” days, and galvanize once more the distracted multitude, who like not in their judgment, but their eyes?(2) Power is never completely disjoined from pomp and display. Was it to strengthen the eternal friendship with the United States? And to dissuade politicians who may think otherwise?

If so, it was an unnecessary effort. European politicians are well-versed in the arts by which favor is obtained, and can without repugnance or hesitation accommodate themselves to every caprice, and echo every opinion. They have shown to be corruptible beyond the common degree of wickedness, and the voluptuousness of the prize can easily silence the reservations of whatever conscience there may be left.

What else could it be? Maybe it was an episode of the “Fourth Generation Warfare” (4GW), described first in a 1989 article of the Marine Corps Gazette, titled “The Changing Face of War: Into the Fourth Generation.” I quote,

“Fourth-generation warfare involves an insurgent group or other violent state actor trying to implement their own government or reestablish an old government over the current ruling power. However, a non-state entity tends to be more successful when it does not attempt, at least in the short term, to impose its own rule, but tries simply to disorganize and delegitimize the state in which the warfare takes place. The aim is to force the adversary state to expend manpower and money in an attempt to establish order, ideally in such a highhanded way that it merely increases disorder, until the state surrenders or withdraws.”

I am not making this up. You can find the quote with a brief search on line.

We have already seen 4GW wars in several countries, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, to name a few (see post http://wp.me/p2e0kb-1s2 for the case of Lithuania, where the main actor of the 4GW plainly admitted to shooting his own citizens so as to accuse the police of the crime).

In a French work on the subject of 4GW, titled “Choc et Simulacre” (Shock and Sham) we read,

“Information warfare is engaging whole populations in all fields – political, economic, social and cultural. The aim of the war is to dominate the collective mind of the adversary system and the mental state of individuals who make up the collective enemy .

And who are the (potential) enemies? In the instance the Europeans, who can save themselves from terror only by strengthening the friendly grip of the United States.

The Europeans are the recipients of full immersion training in the narrative of terror. Terror besieges them from all sides … against which they must fight alongside the United States, their heroic and faithful ally.”

Quoting again from Shock and Sham,

“The manipulation, or the manufacture, of terrorism is an old strategy of the American-British oligarchy, of which there are ample historical examples. …. But today imperial-American terrorism controls the technology to control of the world.”

It is the last stage of the intoxication of dominion. Which perhaps explains the otherwise unexplainable, bellicose and teethering-on-war policy towards Russia. And the hidden but on-going campaign to trigger a color revolution in Moscow. Color revolutions being an alchemic mix of storytelling, murder, “communication management”, crime and unpunishment.

Once more from the same report,

“In the US, storytelling is not just a method of government (it has been for a long time), but the government itself, the act of governing … are now only and exclusively storytelling, “communication management. And politics is the act of speaking not of a real country, but of a country born from the imagination of the 4GW warriors.”

This is why, we may add, whistleblowers and uncoverers of state crimes are persecuted with fierce vengeance, worthy of a medieval anti-heresy crusade. They are indeed the most dangerous enemy in the new world of “communication management.”

Meanwhile, one absurdity must naturally be expected to make way for another. Train travellers in Europe should be prepared to go through X-ray machines, dispose of their tooth-paste and nail-clippers, take off their shoes, belt, watches and any other metal object. And be ready for new contrivances of detection and multiplication of prohibitions – while the producers of security equipment and devices are salivating all the way to the bank.

As for an opinion on whether the terror on the Paris express was or wasn’t a CIA sting operation, I will take each man’s censure but reserve my judgment.(3) The reality of the regime media is most obsequious to the imagination of its masters. And the lie always belonged and belongs to the toolbox of any regime, as an irreplaceable instrument of power. It thickens, swells and coagulates consensus to the limit of worship. Which, incidentally, explains the penchant of the masses to trust despots, idiots and mountebanks, given the seeming absence of anything better.

Perhaps, we may conclude with Oscar Wilde that –  given the whirlpool of fog, of contradictory statements and inexplicable coincidences surrounding the topic event – truth is a matter of style. And, we may add, of ideology and unproven convictions. Even Luther, of all people, thought that the idea of the earth being a sphere, was insane.

Or maybe, considering this historic moment of ours, filled with inexplicable actions, ununderstandable policies, strange wars,  strange enemies and sundry intractable problems, we may repeat, with one of the characters in the Winter’s Tale, “These are not natural events; they strengthen from strange to stranger.”

  1. King Henry V
  2. Hamlet
  3. Hamlet

In the play. Queen Margaret tries to discredit the good Humphrey duke of Gloucester with the king (Henry VI).

I am indebted for some of the informationn to the journalist Maurizio Blondet. Link to his blog is in the “Links” menu.

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