Prelude to the Farce, Farewell to the Truth

H. Clinton in an interview with CBS - occasion for the Shakespeare quote, "To unmask falsehood and bring truth to light,"“Time’s glory is…
to unmask
falsehood and bring truth to light…”

Rape of Lucrece

That Hillary Rodham Clinton would attempt to, and probably will be, the next president of the United States, is the best un-kept secret of the last few years, whose confirmation has just become official.

Now the “… candied tongues will (begin to) lick the absurd pomp, and crook the pregnant hinges of the knee, where reward may follow fawning.”(1) In the meantime, the theater opened for the farce, or rather the travesty of democracy. One year and a half from now,  democratically blessed voters will choose between two right-wing characters, both devoted to class-struggle in reverse at home and imperial wars abroad.

Sometimes small things reveal a character, but life is convulsive and memory short. Some may have forgotten the noteworthy declaration of the anointed Democratic candidate, on the occasion of the assassination of Muhammad Gadhafi. The Libyan leader, the dictator who offended the American cabal for his cruelty, such as free health-care, free education, free housing for the Libyans, and a host of other public utility projects destined to benefit all, rather than the 1% – for example, the canal to bring water from the coast to the desert  for agricultural irrigation.

On the news of his death, watch Hillary Rodham Clinton’s wholehearted laughter, accompanied by a modified rendering of a quote by Julius Caesar, “We came, we saw, he died, ha, ha, ha, ha.” Here is the link,

Barring exceptions too few to count, the presidential elections reward him (or in this case her), who raises the most money. As per one current official estimate, Clinton will spend close to 2 billion $, and the republican rival just about the same.

But where in heaven do these gargantuan sums come from? It happens that the potential candidates are screened before-hand in an examination conducted by the billionaires and multi-billionaires, who constitute the actual electorate, as opposed to the other “electorate”, “the distracted multitude who like not in their judgment but their eyes.” (2)

The selection process is referred to as the “invisible primary.” It consists of media-produced, tabloid-style personal attacks and/or presumed scandals. The ability to withstand the attacks, to shake them off, to bamboozle the audience through comedic counter-accusations or false acts of contrition – as applicable – shows the mettle of the candidate.

To the limit, even a pervert or a nymphomaniac who can get public opinion to believe that he isn’t, shows sufficient ability to handle the more sensitive and important matters of interest to the selecting cabal.

Among whom, just to mention a few names, we find the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson and George Soros. As amply proven in the past, these characters tend to open their mega-purses to candidates of both parties, so as to acquire an iron-clad insurance that their wills be done by whoever wins.

Listing the rostrum of the potential republican candidates is almost irrelevant. Their neo-conservative christian-fundamentalism and right-wingness is such that, these days, even Jeb Bush, noteworthy brother of the killer of millions (Iraqis and others), passes as a moderate.

Clinton’s indirect strength is the recent history of successful presidential branding. The brand Obama was a marketing triumph. Some may still remember the cheering “multitudes that choose by show”(3), mesmerized by Obama and by his utterly meaningless slogan, “Yes, we can.” To this day, I have not found an explanation of what it meant.

That there is no correspondence between the politics of the cabal and the sentiment of the population at large is irrelevant.

For, just as the elections are a farce, so is the public a phantom, a monstrous abstraction, an all-embracing something which is nothing but a mirage. The public is a concept absent in antiquity because the people as individuals could take part in various situations as they arose. The individual was present and could be instantly approved of, or disapproved, by others. But when the sense of association in society is no longer strong enough to give life to concrete realities, then the regime media can create that abstraction, ” the public.”‘  It consists of unreal individuals who never are and never can be united in an actual situation or organization –  while still being considered as a whole.

The public is a host and it is a body that can never be reviewed; it cannot even be represented because it is an abstraction.

No single person who belongs to the public makes “being the public” a real commitment. He belongs to the public only when he is nothing else. For, when he is really what he is, he is no longer part of the public.  The public then, comprises all individuals at the moment when they are nothing, it is a gigantic something, an abstract and deserted void, which is everything and nothing.

And if you believe this to be an exaggeration, consider the esteem, the flattery, the smiles, the promises, the reverence, and the occasional humbleness of candidates when they talk to the “public”. But try, as a member of the public, to address the candidate directly (assuming you are not one of the billionaires as above). In that moment, you become the nothing of which “the public” is made of. You will be lucky to pass the security screening at the entrance, and (maybe), talk to an unimportant intern, who couldn’t care less about who you are, what you say or what you want.

In other words, from the abstracted something that you were when belonging to the “public”, you have been reduced to an actual nothing.

This is no novelty or discovery. But the cabal is always on the alert, lest out of this safe nothing called the “public” may arise an uncontrollable counterforce. Consider the palpable opposition to inquisition-style witch-hunts of whistleblowers, the cases of Edward Snowdon and Chelsea Manning, the protests against police murders, the endless wars, the pretense of imposing “freedom and democracy” via bombing, invasions, drones and mass-murder.

Until relatively recently, the cabal could not have cared less. For the regime media was sufficient to  hide or distort any unpalatable information, making it pass for “public opinion.”

Something similar happens with the film industry, which is but a top-down imposition of official ideology, masquerading as representative of popular taste. Readers may refer to the blog as one example.

But now the web is presenting new points of view to a gradually growing audience, or rather to individuals caught when they are NOT part of the “public”, when there is a danger that they may cease to be the comfortable nothingness the cabal is used to.

For, often, the new media offers more than just another point of view – it shows evidence, actual voices, faces, blood, killings, material that not even the most callous and perverted PR man can deny or destroy. See for example the man caught in real time as he is shot 8 times in the back, and killed, while fleeing from a policeman who stopped him for a broken tail-light.

Or take the case of the coup d’etat in Ukraine. When the regime media accused the police of the elected government to have fired on the crowds (with about 80 victims if I recall). While, on line, is extant the recording of a telephone call between the EU Secretary and the Foreign Minister of Estonia, just returned from Kiev. Where, in the call, he confirmed that firing on the crowds were the CIA backed neo-nazis, who called-in the crowds in the first place.

Or the cabal’s contention that the Ukrainian coup was spontaneous and democratic. While on line the browser will find the actual recorded, historic conversation between the Department of State assistant Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador in Kiev. During which, the former, with the simplicity of grandeur and the charm of lexical elegance, proposes to “fuck the Europeans” who may object to the ongoing machinations. Meanwhile both discuss whom to install in  key positions of the post-coup Ukrainian government. Should it be “Yats” or “Klitch” or other personalities – their original Ukrainian names converted into nicknames usually reserved for poodles. Suggesting how much these epigones of diplomatic excellence respect the human tools with which they ply their diplomatic trade.

In summary, meaningful explanations, incontrovertible evidence, logical deductions, realistic inferences and plausible forecasts, are now found on the web in “number without numbers.”(4)

Therefore, the cabal recognizes that just injecting more billions in regime media propaganda may not be enough. But there is a remedy hinted at, as recently as this week – namely, to consider truth a form of terrorism, similar to Ebola, or “ISIS” (sic).

Watch the video by following the link,

where complacent members of the regime media, called to testify in a congressional panel, accuse the absent members of an alternate Internet news channel, located overseas, of the very sins the regime media commits.

Most recently, the Administration, starting with the proximate new president Hillary Clinton, stated that Washington is “losing the information war”. Which is new-speak for “more people than expected no longer believe the regime media.”

Currently, the counter-strategy consists of labeling the misguided fellows, who seek alternative information sources, as  “conspiracy theorists”, deranged losers who don’t know any better (watch the video). But that may soon not be enough.

As early as two years ago, the head of Homeland Security announced that henceforth, the focus of the department would shift from terrorists to domestic extremists. A broad category, including environmental activists, animal rights activists, anti-war activists, disillusioned war veterans, and essentially all dissenters.

In a current article, Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of the Treasury, and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, described a new 385 million $ contract awarded to a subsidiary of Dick Cheney’s firm, Halliburton, to build detention camps in the US. Who will or should be detained in the detention camps is Homeland Security’s business. The regime media was quiet about it, nor there was any related congressional investigation.

It seems unlikely that the camps are built to host people affected by unpredictable natural events. The silence on the matter by the democratic government of the people for the people, is at least puzzling.

Detention (a euphemism for ‘concentration’) camps are usually for people regarded as unreliable. And, as pointed out by various Internet sources, the National Guard called-in to repress the recent popular unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, referred to the people as the ‘enemy’. A most logical appellation, for there is sufficient historical evidence showing that, sooner or later, an empire will turn against its own people.

All in all, those who fail to see democracy in the cabal’s machinations made evident on the net, will be henceforth labeled “conspiracy theorists.” As are those who realized that, ever since September 2001, the war on terror is but new-speak for the war on truth.

(1), (2)  Hamlet
(3) Merchant of Venice
(4) Milton

In the Poem.  The evil Tarquin knows he is committing a crime and meditates on it. He shifts the blame of his crime on time and the time’s servant, opportunity.

Image source. One of several identical Internet listings

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