Shakespeare and Gender Ideology

how chances mock, And changes fill the cup of alteration With divers liquors! (On societal changes that creep on us without us realising it)God! that one might read the book of fate,
And see the revolution of the times
… how chances mock,
And changes fill the cup of alteration
With divers liquors!

King Henry IV, part 2, act 3, sc. 1)

After the veil of oblivion has been cast on individual events, historians can draw their conclusions about the changes, the spirit and the mutations of the age under their investigation. It is somewhat more difficult to detect the significance of the changes when they occur, as we say, in real time. All interpretations can be questioned and challenged. And depending on the mindset of the critic, they are often ridiculed before they are understood.

Still, an essay, just published in Europe, analyses a remarkable cultural, social and spiritual shift in the West. The shift, which amounts to a comprehensive ideological project, entails the subversion or destruction of the current conception of man, in all its aspects. The goal is to create a New Man, a man without identity, the characteristics of whom Aldous Huxley described in “Brave New World”.

The corporate media ignores the phenomenon, but the sources of power are pushing and promoting the idea of gender. Meaning that, in the gender ideology, sexual differences between male and female have no importance, other than culturally. Therefore they have no rational cause for existence.

The objective seems to remodel the very image of man, by imposing to all, starting from the youngest, a new idea of sexuality.

According to the new mode of thought, between male and female, there is an indefinite number of genders or sexual orientations – homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality and pedophilia. Genders that would be all quite normal, just like heterosexuality.

This ideology, that most of us would still consider dangerous, is being promoted and financed by a vast and pervasive social and cultural operation. The militant arms of the operation are the gay and homosexual movements.

To clear any doubt, most of us agree that individuals are and should be free to follow their orientations, nor should they be ostracized or deprived of their rights.

Until recently, gay/homosexual groups represented a non-vocal minority and had little funding at their disposal. But during recent years, they have acquired great power and receive a wealth of funding, public and private, from powerful lobbies.


The “gender” ideology and all its associated movements constitute a Trojan Horse, in the hands of the sources of power to manipulate and eradicate the very nature of man. The purpose being, according to the analysis, to create a New Man, very different from today’s, and to manipulate and subvert his very nature.. The New Man would have no identity – sexual non-identity being the starting point for the extinction of individuality.

The father of this extraordinary ideology is (was) a psychiatrist at John Hopkins University, William Money (1921-2006). According to him, “sexual identity is essentially a product of society, and therefore, ductile and malleable at birth.” His “dream” society would be a kind of sexual democracy, in which every type of relationship, including pedophilia would be promoted and legalized.

Money writes, “Pedophilia and ephebophilia (love for adolescents) are no more voluntary choices than the fact of being right or left handed.”

Though I could not corroborate the following information, to demonstrate that sexual identity was a cultural superstructure, he promoted early chirurgical intervention on children with genital organ issues, transforming them into “girls”.

Money’s “vision”, that most of us could consider perverse, seems to have acquired official credibility. To the extent that it seems to prove it, the American Psychiatric Association has changed the classification of pedophilia from an “illness” to a “sexual orientation”. And in the June 2013 edition of the “DSM-V” manual (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”, it is written (I did not verify) that “sexual desire directed at children is a form of sexual orientation.”

In Europe, the regime media contributes to the ideology indirectly. For example by publishing statistics whereby one out of three citizens considers sex with minors “acceptable”. To the “blunt monster with the uncounted heads”, the not-too subtle message is that many citizens find pedophilia “acceptable”. Therefore, where do you stand, with the “new age” or the “old”?

The massive funding for the gay/homosexual groups have come from industrial giants such as Kodak, Chevron, JP Morgan, Toyota, Pepsi, IBM, Johnson&Johnson, Merril Lynch, Microsoft, Apple, AT&T, Nike, Chrysler, Xerox, ecc. And from political elements of the left and of the right.

But why so much gender ideology?

The objective seems to be global uniformity. Remove the differences and make us all the same. Destroy social, religious, cultural values and the traditionally primary sexual identity.

The next step in the process is the destruction of the concept of the family – an antiquated institution that is still an obstacle for the realization of the Brave New World. A man without values and points of reference is grist for the mill of ideological manipulation, whenever and whatever manipulation is needed.

Unbeknown to most of us, school curriculums have begun to introduce courses based on gender ideology. In Italy teachers in pre-schools and primary schools will be assisted of tutors who will watch on words usage that may appear discriminatory. And in the demographic documents of some townships, the terms “father” and “mother” have been substituted with “parent #1” and “parent #2”.

Even the World Health Organization is active on gender ideology, by dictating standards for sexual education in Europe. Just one citation from the manual, “From zero to 4 years it is the ideal age to consolidate gender identity.” And there are initiatives undertaken and medicines prescribed to block and re-direct puberty, as needed.

Hollywood and the entertainment industry play a major role to create the New Man. By now, the viewer is anesthetized by the massive production of performances, reality shows, telenovelas, fiction, soap operas – even cartoons, all aimed at conditioning him/her to accept gender ideology.

In summary, no one disputes the rights of homosexuals to live together, in a union intended as a family. But it would still seem, to most of us, that a child needs two basic figures in his life, the traditional father and mother. This male/female dichotomy has always existed.

Gender ideology, by subverting the original concept of the family, aims at undermining established historical and traditional values, spiritual and cultural.

A man without history ignores the past and is not sure about what he hopes from the future. He is then an uncritical and easy prey to the messages transmitted by the sources of power. A man eradicated from the family and without sexual identity can be easily controlled.

He is the ideal subject, the true citizen of  the “Brave New World”, where reproduction is separated from sex, individuality and creativity are annihilated by a drug (soma) and sexual activity has no limits of scope and age.

In the play. King Henry, knowing that revolution is brewing in the realm, expresses his distress to Warwick.

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Sources. Essay “Unisex” by E. Perucchietti & G. Marletta. Marcello Pamio.

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