Ukraine and a Repeat of Lithuania

illustration of Shakespeare's line, Are there no stones in heaven But what serve for thunder? and Macbeth's “To know my deed, 'twere best not know myself.”“Are there no stones in heaven
But what serve for thunder?”

(Othello, act 5, sc. 2)

In traditional history, it was the slaves who rebelled against the masters. But in the revised Huxley’s edition of our brave new world it is the masters who revolt against the slaves. Which, more or less, is what happened in Ukraine.

As expected, the corporate media repeated verbatim the US government’s line, while bowing respectfully to the staggering hypocrisy. Words such as “freedom” and “democracy” become nauseating by the occasion to which they are applied and (in the instance), by the general character of their users. The nausea they produce arises from the unwonted revival of the hateful image of their disgusting utterers.

Among what printed or divulged on Ukraine by the corporate media, (“…every third word a lie” – King Henry IV, part 2) there are few meaningful silences.

As documented in a previous article ( Nuland, assistant Secretary of State decided on the composition of the “revolutionary” government, along with the US ambassador in Ukraine. Reflecting the puppet quality of the American appointees, they were even given short poodle-like names, e.g. Yatsi and Klitch, perfectly mirroring the nature of the relationship.

The media (especially the European) focused on the respect towards Europe shown by the said Nuland (“Fuck the Europeans”). But the key content of the conversation – who the Americans decided should be in government – was omitted.

In fact, Nuland knew already how the story would end. Last December at the Press Center in Washington DC, Nuland announced that the US “had invested 5 billion dollars to give Ukraine the future it deserves.

Discounting the Orwellianese, the sentence is historical, both for the amount of money involved and for the unabashed assumption of responsibility. The future of Ukraine is not in the hands of the Ukranians but of the Americans. It is up to America to decide what future Ukraine deserves.

Before dealing with the disposition of the 5 billions, we should point out – in contrast – that recently the Congress hotly and publicly debated how much money to curtail from food supplements to the starving poor. They settled on cutting back 8 billion. However, until the nonchalant disclosure by Nuland, no-one knew or ever spoke (in Congress or elsewhere), of the 5 billion spent on Ukraine. Which is the proverbial drop in the bucket. Many more billions are spent worldwide to sustain and maintain a string of puppet governments and subservient puppets.

But how were those 5 billion used? They were carefully spent in purchasing hundreds, or rather thousands of professors, researchers, civil servants and students. Who can resist the temptation of instantly multiplying his salary by a factor of 10 or 100? With the added lure of visiting a foreign country all expenses paid? And of returning home a little better off, maybe with the prospect of buying a Western car?

These innocent “cultural” programs were financed by various American “foundations”. The participants  constituted the base of the great offensive, the dedicated propagandists of the “American dream”.

Analogous recruitment methods were conducted with journalists and the media. Something similar happened in Yugoslavia with “Otpor”, that led to the “peaceful” destitution of Slobodan Milosevic. They tried assiduously to do the same in Russia, before and after the dissolution of the USSR. Until finally, and maybe too late, Russia decided to ban the NGOs, another splendid Orwellian acronym, “Non Government Organization”.

We would think that the journalists should know these things – they do but ignore them. In the US an attempt at publication would mean loss of job. In Europe, most people have no idea of the granular, almost molecular control the American embassies exert on the compositions of local governments. And should a local key newspaper deviate from the imposed line, the consequences would quickly follow. There are multiple methods of blackmail.

But returning to Ukraine, extant and online is the conversation between the Foreign Minister of Estonia, Urmas Paet, with Catherine Ashton, head of the Europeans to be fucked (according to Nuland’s prescription).

In the intercepted conversation the Estonian, just returned from Kiev, says that, according to reliable testimony, the massacre of civilians and policemen that occurred on February 20, was carried out by sharp-shooters of the opposition strategically placed on roofs.

And yet, the event should not be surprising. It is a repeat of what happened in Lithuania on Jan 15, 1991.

At the time, the Lithuanian Minister of Defense was Audrius Butkevicius. In its June 2000 issue, the magazine “Obzor”, published an interview with Butkevicius, who admitted being the organizer of the shootings in Vilnius, that turned into a massacre of  Lithuanian civilians.

Here is what he said,

I cannot justify my actions to the relatives of the victims, but I can justify them to history. Because those dead shook violently two crucial bastions of Soviet power, the army and the KGB. We were able to discredit them. I state this clearly. It was I who planned all that happened. I had worked for a long time at the Einstein Institute (in America) together with Professor Gene Sharp. At the time Gene Sharp was working on how to organize what he called “civil defense” – or rather how to wage a psychological war. Yes, I planned the way to put the Russian army in a difficult position, to force every Russian officer to be ashamed of himself. It was a psychological war. If we had declared a proper war we could not have won. But by shifting the battle to the plane of the psychological conflict, I won”. That is, he won at the expense of the 22 Lithuanians killed for their freedom by other Lithuanians, so as to accuse the Russians.

They shot from the roofs on the unarmed crowd. As they did in Libya, in Egypt, in Ukraine. Not to talk of Syria, where, in a quasi-comical and yet macabre turn of events, “Al-Qaida” has become a US ally.

The methods of Gene Sharp, as we could witness with our own televisual eyes, work. That is, how to dispose of any government who doesn’t bow to the US dictates.

(For the theories of Gene Sharp, see previous article,

In the call with the Estonian foreign minister, Catherine Ashton is not at all surprised at the revelations that the killers of civilians were not the police but the “revolutionaries”. But in subsequent talks to the media, Ashton parroted the line that the only one responsible for the tragedy is the deposed but elected president Yanukovic.

Obama has done with Yanukovic what he did with Gheddafi and what is trying to do with Bashar Assad of Syria. But there is a major difference. Until now, Gene Sharp’s techniques (plus the billions) were aimed at removing “violent and bloody dictators” and changing “rogue states” regimes. Now it is all smarter and better. The same methods are used to remove a president legitimately elected by his people. Yanukovic is the first of the next series. While millions of Europeans and Americans are told and believe that the aggressor is Vladimir Putin, the next “dictator” to remove.

In their rush to bring Marx to the dump, the pathetic Gorbachev and associates believed that imperialism was a Marxist invention. Clearly a misjudgment, for Marx is gone but imperialism never had it better. To the point when now it is actually the masters who make the revolutions.

Some hapless and helpless citizens still have the stomach to inform themselves about these events, however repulsive and sickening. And it is pretty depressing that the only reaction afforded against these sociopathic monstrosities and their actors is to ask,

“Are there no stones in heaven
But what serve for thunder?”

Because for these characters the vocabulary lacks adequate words. There is no befitting description. “Their offence is (worse than) rank, it smells to heaven.” (from Hamlet).

Even Macbeth appears a nobler figure, for he knew what he was doing, “To know my deed, ’twere best not know myself.”

But these repulsive bipeds? No. Dressed in fancy suits and living in incredible luxury, they murder people and plunder the planet as if it were proof of intelligence, instead of a morbid, sick and degenerate soul – assumed but not given that they have one.

It would be tempting to give Nuland, the puppets and the whole American cabal the same advice she gave the Europeans in her tete-a-tete with the US ambassador. But that would be lowering ourselves to the same level.

In the play. Iago has just stabbed and killed his wife Emilia. Emilia  had uncovered his diabolic plot to destroy Othello. Othello is beyond indignation.

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Note. I owe some of the references, in particular to Lithuanian events to historian Giulietto Chiesa.

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