Much Ado About Nothing and The Presidential Elections

perfect shakespeare description of the US presidential electionsThere are some, actually and probably  many, who are very indifferent to the fakery, charade, travesty, pantomime, PR exercise, Shakespearean comedy (?), burlesque mask, embodied by the soon-to-be-held presidential elections.

That Obama will be the winner few doubt. That the platforms of both parties are essentially identical (behind a facade of feigned difference), has been amply proven and supported by incontrovertible evidence.

Anecdotally, Romney’s reference that America runs the risk of ending up like Italy, has a touch of the ironic. Not that Italy is exempt from problems, caused by too many reasons to even start an analysis. But, macroscopically speaking, as they say, Romney has nothing to be boastful about. Health costs per capita in the US are double than in Italy. And yet life expectancy at birth is 78 years in the US versus 81 years in Italy. Deaths at delivery are 21 per 100,000 birth in the US and 4 per 100,000 births in Italy. And the public deficit of the US is 8% of GDP versus 3% of Italy. And, as Professor and Economist Mario Deaglio points out in an article on the Italian major newspaper “La Stampa”, US’ infrastructure is not too much to boast of – when a ‘superstorm’ such as ‘Sandy’ matches the deeds of the terrorists of 9/11.  Wall Street (world financial hub) had to close then as it had to close with ‘Sandy’.

Without adding that in the US even a non life-threatening illness can mean the loss of the home for inability to pay the medical bills. And that decent (without being extraordinary) medical insurance for a family of (4) costs $12,000.00 per year – and it does not  include dental insurance.

Plus, as documented broadly across the nation (other than by the corporate media), the income inequality is at the level of Egypt (!).

We know that statistics are like bikinis, what they reveal is suggestive but what they conceal vital. It may be equally argued that statistics can be read in different ways, but life and death are not easily masked by statistics. That should be a sufficient inspiration, for Romney and his speech-writers, to be silent when ignorant of what they are talking about – in the instance Italy. Unless it was all a good ruse to alienate the several million voters of Italian descent and to make iron-clad the chances of an Obama victory.

Skeptical readers do not be so. When the ‘freedom of information act’ opens up the files of US history, what was once unbelievable is found (on document verification), not only believable but  true – and at 180 degrees from the official version propounded at the time.

Tips for Use.  The title of this Shakespearean comedy constitutes a quote to curtly dismiss the silly, the irrelevant and all that is generally out of proportion.

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Image source: A poster of the play

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