Shakespeare, Love Quotes for him, Love Quotes for her (more to come)

Here comes the countess: now heaven walks on earth“Here comes the countess: now heaven walks on earth.”
(Twelfth Night, act 5, sc. 1)

Comments. We must, we should, we have to change the subject of political elections. If not else, in an attempt to forget that millions of well-intended citizens will go to vote in the totally unsupported belief that their vote will make a difference. The evidence is in front of everybody’s eyes but, as Imogen finds out in Cymbeline, “… our very eyes are sometimes like our judgments, blind!”. If you wish you can check out the entry “Shakespeare and Democracy in America” from last April 17 for a good graphic rendition of the electoral process (and associated Shakespeare line).

Still, to change the subject, this entry presents a wonderful opportunity for a romantic compliment, “…now heaven walks on earth.” Who could resist it? Worth trying anyway. As we know, the frontier between praise and flattery is often unmarked and, as Oscar Wilde said, “Flattery is the infantry of negotiations…”

In a more sedate tone Euripide’s chorus in Medea echoes the same idea, “When in excess and past all limits Love doth come, he brings not glory or repute to man; but if the Cyprian queen in moderate might approach, no goddess is so full of charm as she.”
Where the “Cyprian queen”, the queen from Cyprus, is Venus.

Tips for Use.  Substitute for ‘the countess’ the name of the applicable lady. A greeting when she enters the room.

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In the Play.  Duke Orsino sees Olivia coming in. Needless to say, Duke Orsino is madly in love with Olivia.

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