Shakespeare on the Difference between Democrats and Republicans

you weigh equally, a feather will turn the scales“… you weigh equally; a feather will turn the scale.”
(Measure For Measure, act 4, sc. 2)

Tips for Use.   Perfectly applicable line to the alleged differences between Democrats and Republicans. With the techniques of George Bernay’s (his booklet “Propaganda” should be mandatory reading in any educational institution), every effort is made to maintain the belief that there is a difference between the two subject parties. There isn’t. There is only one absolute party, the Bank’s Party.
In an instructive book by William Domhoff, written in the ‘70s, we read, “Policy formation is the province of a bipartisan power elite of corporate rich and their career hirelings who work through an interlocking and overlapping maze of foundations, universities and institutes, discussion groups, associations and commissions. Political parties are only for finding interesting and genial people (usually ambitious middle-class lawyers) to rectify and implement these policies in such a way that the underclasses feel themselves to be, somehow, a part of the governmental process.”
As Gore Vidal said, “Domhoff has seen and measured the tip of an iceberg which most of the other passengers on the US Titanic have not noticed.
… For more than a century, our educational system has seen to it that 96% of the population grow up to be docile workers and consumers, paranoid taxpayers, and eager warriors in the Bank’s never ending struggle with atheistic communism (and now with unruly Muslims). The fact that the American government gives back to the citizen-consumer little of the enormous revenues it extorts from him is due to the high cost of what the Bank – which does have a sense of fun –  calls freedom. Although most industrial countries have national health services, the American taxpayer is not allowed this amenity because it would be socialism, which is right next door to godless communism and free love, followed by suicide in the long white Swedish night (this was before Sweden’s changes in the political climate, as reflected in the Assange affair). A major part of our country’s revenue must always go to the Pentagon, which then passes the money on to those client states, industries and members of Congress with which the Bank dose business. War is profitable for the Bank, health is not.”
….. We are now locked into a class system nearly as rigid as the one that the Emperor Diocletian impressed upon the Roman empire.”

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In the play. The prison’s provost asks Pompey the pimp if he will help the executioner Abhorson to execute Claudio. If Pompey does so, the charges against him will be dropped. Pompey agrees, and the provost introduces him to Abhorson, the executioner. Abhorson says that Pompey, being a pimp, will discredit the executioners’ trade. The provost disagrees, they are identical in character.

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